Use intelligence to add to your beauty and conquer at first and last sight Schönheit und Intelligenz auf den ersten Blick Ponle Inteligencia a tu Belleza y Conquista a Primera y última Vista

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Use intelligence to add to your beauty and conquer at first and last sight

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Use intelligence to add to your beauty and conquer at first and last sight

Athletic body, perfect makeup, silky hair and sexy clothes. While love is born from sight, it is not maintained with just a good view. To really attract someone, it is important to combine outer beauty with inner beauty. This is the perfect mix to hit the target to attract and conquer love. Follow these simple steps and see how slowly you become the center of attention everywhere you go.


It is essential to have good presentation and to achieve this, hygiene is the key. No matter which style you choose, whether you want to be punk, wearing a suit or comfy jeans, the important thing is that you are neat, especially in hair care, teeth and nails, trying to always keep your body clean because you will feel much more secure in yourself and your image.


It is very important that you feel really comfortable with your style. Avoid copying styles that do not feel comfortable just because they are in fashion or someone you admire uses them. If you are not comfortable with the clothes or hairstyle you wear, others will most certainly pick up on this. Your clothes should be clean and neat and you should avoid wearing too much make-up, gel or perfume. Liking yourself is the most important thing in the quest for love.

Greeting and smile

The people that always greet people naturally are charismatic and very attractive, yet never exaggerated. When you get to a place even if you don’t know anyone, greet openly with a smile and try to introduce yourself if you arrive in a group and are not presented. Always remember to keep a natural smile on your face.

Be nice

If you are going out for drinks or dinner, offer to other people first. If you are male and are dating a girl, be polite and help when getting out or into the car, hold doors open and other things like that. Try to treat others the way you would like them to treat you. If people offer you food, do not eat too much, drink and eat moderately, showing that you have control over yourself.

Start a conversation

Many people are easy to start conversation with, but if it is difficult for you to make conversation with strangers, try to ask questions and focus on the other person: Ask their opinion on something, their name, about their school or work, or give your honest opinion about anything, a mutual friend, or something nice you have recently done. Sometimes inviting someone to dance will serve as a sufficient gesture. It will be obvious when a conversation starts to flow, however if you feel nervous or jittery, offer the person a drink or to go for a walk. Do not get too close to talk, and avoid unpleasantness or sad comments, or complaining about something. The first conversations should always be focused on pleasant things such as what you like to do, your hopes and dreams, passions and things that excite or interest you, to name just a few.

Look into the person's eyes

Try to look into the eyes naturally, keep your eyes on the other person if she or he speaks to you and avoid turning to look elsewhere or using your mobile phone: Concentrate on the person and what he/she is saying. People who cannot keep their eyes on the other show little personal power. It is not staring, but simply seeing the other person.

Be yourself

Be as natural as possible, avoid trying to impress others because the other person will pick up on this and quite often it is a trait of insecurity that people dislike. No matter if you are quiet, shy or loud, simply behave in a way that you enjoy yourself: You can observe others and have a good time or participate discussing things or telling jokes. Anything goes while you feel that you are behaving in a natural way. Avoid drawing huge amounts of attention to yourself or acting purely for the acceptance of others. However, do not allow or agree to things that you do not like or agree with. A lot of people are attracted to this strength and will respect you for having the confidence to say what is on your mind.

Learn when to say NO

This is essential if you truly want to be attractive to others. You have to learn to say no when you do not like or do not want something. Doing something you do not agree with not only will make you look bad to others, but you will feel bad about yourself later. Learn to exercise your integrity and be your own best friend before you look for meaningful relationships with others. Say no when needed and detect if something bothers you and it's time to withdraw from a situation. Do not give in or allow something that you would not normally allow just to look good to others as this is not attractive at all.

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6 Reviews about Use intelligence to add to your beauty and conquer at first and last sight
on 22/01/2016
I completely agree with Stacy on this one.. This article is supremely shallow - perhaps useful for someone who has never been on a date before in their life, but for people who are looking for more meaningful relationships perhaps "further down the line" in their life, this article is pretty out of touch with reality.

I think the most important thing in life is to do and say and dress and talk in whatever way makes YOU happy (as long as it is not harmful to others). Others will pick up on that confidence and self-worth, and if they love the same things as you then you are bound to make a perfect match.
Love yourself and others will follow!

on 26/09/2014
So...I hate to be a debbie downer, but I kind of found this article to be offensively shallow, and completely disconnected from reality and lasting and meaningful relationships. How about rather than trying to "be attractive" to someone else, we learn to love ourselves for who we truly are. Trying to make a facade for someone else to like is just disgusting.
on 30/05/2014
I would like to know someone new, I would love to do that, and I hope to get it with these advices!
on 04/05/2014
on 25/03/2014
Those recommendations are a little... I do not know but for someone who hasn't had any relationship not even in high school, but well, maybe there are some people like that and that is really serious, maybe the main advice is being yourself and not changing for anyone, that is my point of view
on 11/03/2014
These advices are very important when wanting to date someone or even when you are in a relationship already, you should know to understand yourself first and then you can share with others, and always being confident is better than anything even the face or the body

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