We don't know the long-term effects of pesticides Unbekannte langfristige Auswirkungen von Pestiziden Desconocemos los efectos a largo plazo de los pesticidas

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We don't know the long-term effects of pesticides

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We don't know the long-term effects of pesticides

The University of Almeria and the International Association of Environmental Chemistry held today two events of great scientific significance, on Sunday at 7 pm, and until November 29th, "Fourth European Conference on Pesticides and pollutants in the environment "and" X Symposium on chemical and modern pesticides", which discuss the analysis of pesticide and micro-residues and its effects on people and nature.

The chairman of Organizing Committee, Amadeo R. Fernández, a researcher of the "pesticide residues" of the University of Almeria, says: "we are no clear about the long-term of residues of pesticides and other micropollutants effects on people, we do not know if they can cause any chronic disease or, on the contrary are totally safe".

This phrase develops in the sense that "there is no risk in the short or medium term, but it is unknown whether they could be the cause or an ingredient in subsequent problems, which is called genotoxicity.” However, he concludes by explaining that "the majority should not have any negative effect and talk of very low concentrations with long-term consequences. But it is essential to clarify these effects."

For this reason, he wants "to re the entire process, investigate and discuss whether we are using the proper procedures or escape us some micropollutants, while, at the symposium, the latest technological innovations in the instrumentation.”

Drugs in wastewater

Amadeo R. Fernández-Alba explains, for example, "we do not know the impact of drugs that go to waste water. Because a person that takes a drug, remains in the urine and eliminates reaching a treatment plant. We must verify that these treatments are really effective in removing all trace.

Subject to debate, the congress, which opens today, Sunday at 7 pm, at the hotel on Trip Almeria will be attended by over 200 experts from 24 countries. The sessions will run until next Wednesday, November 29th.

Cover issues such as technical analysis of pesticide residue levels in water, air and soil quality of agricultural products, technologies to analyze pesticide in water and soil, and hazards to the environment, simulation models in transportation and distribution of pesticides, laboratory and field trials, pollutants in agriculture, analysis of pesticide residues in plants and other aspects in modern chemistry. In parallel there will be a presentation on tools and publications related to chemical waste.

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1 Reviews about We don't know the long-term effects of pesticides
on 16/11/2015
When I looked at the title of this article, the first thing I thought was "well...SCIENCE hasn't proven the effects of pesticides, but we all know that they aren't good". And that's so true! There haven't been studies to show scientifically what goes on with pesticide use, but it's not good!

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