Triodos Bank is working on the development of Organic Agriculture Triodos Bank arbeitet an der Entwicklung des ökologischen Landbaus Triodos Bank colabora en el desarrollo de la Agricultura ecológica


Triodos Bank is working on the development of Organic Agriculture

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Triodos Bank is working on the development of Organic Agriculture

Triodos Bank and the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture (SEAE) signed an agreement to collaborate in the development of organic agriculture and food, and link with the sustainable savings and investment.

SEAE contributes its knowledge of the sector, and Triodos Bank the experience in financing producers, industries, retailers and shops of agricultural products and organic food across Europe.

The agreement says that Triodos Bank and SEAE will explore possibilities of funding from the bank for projects related to development of the sector of the organic food and agriculture that SEAE put in motion.

Both organizations are committed to exploring the development of forums and tools to promote sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, sustainable business growth and socially responsible investment in agriculture and organic food.

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2 Reviews “Triodos Bank is working on the development of Organic Agriculture”

on 22/10/2014
What exactly is this bank, and is it a huge multi-million dollar corporation? I have a hard time trusting big companies, and banks in particular. It seems like a lot of them are only out to get money, but maybe this one's different. I would hope that this interest is sincere, because it is such an important cause.
on 07/11/2013
I find so important that there are still big corporations that help the small producer especially the one that opts for a very healthy a sustainable way of performing agriculture, so they should promote even more projects and give support to the people that need it, in this way they are helping the world so much

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