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Trekking: sport for holidays

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Trekking: sport for holidays

For those who ever heard of trekking but do not know what it is and for those who know what it is but have not tried it yet, here you will find everything you need to know about this sport so beneficial to health and so pleasant for the body.

This practice is to go for more than one day to a mountain area without being in direct contact with civilization, and doing so independently, without assistance from other vehicles to facilitate travel. While walking outdoors, you can enjoy beautiful scenery at the same time you bring health to your body.

One advantage of trekking is that it is an outdoor activity that is practiced in all seasons and in different areas, may be tried by people of any age and sex if they feel motivated to tackle this entertaining challenge.

It is very clear that we are talking about the best way to enjoy nature, and an excellent way to spend the holidays and, in addition do a sport at our pace.

The origin of trekking goes back to the Himalayas, where the hikers were forced to walk for long hours with all their equipment to get close and climb in the mountains. That same adventure, personal challenge and sacrifice is what drives those who now walk in the hundreds of hiking trails in the world and that in turn can be differentiated by their degree of difficulty (mild, medium, moderate and difficult).

A very important aspect for those who wish to practice trekking is to know their own abilities and limitations. Those who undertake a lengthy journey by one of the routes or paths should always know how far they can go. Furthermore, it is essential that the recommendations, safety rules and boundaries of the site being visited are followed so that every challenge can be a fun and safe trip.

Proper footwear

A major element to consider is footwear. To achieve a good performance during the hike, it is necessary to have adequate shoes or boots. When you buy trekking shoes, you must first consider something as simple as the size of them. If you have a shoe that is not your size, you suffer the risk of having them too small and if you suffer discomfort, you hinder your progress.

It is advisable to purchase a shoe that is slightly larger than our usual and that is often used with very thick socks or stockings. Furthermore, we should note that at the end of the day or evening, the feet are more swollen than in the morning.

Another issue with regard to shoes is that once acquired the proper footwear, you must try it, use it before taking the walk to soften them.

Clothing & Accessories

As for the dress, keep in mind that garments should be comfortable and made from fabrics that do not stimulate sweating.

However, once we have the appropriate footwear and clothing, we must consider the route to follow for our journey. It will be essential to have a map of the area.

Another issue to consider is doing trekking accompanied: the ideal is do it in groups of 3 or more people that ask for help or an unforeseen accident, the injured is not left alone. A backpack is essential, loaded with clothing and shelter for rain if the weather changes while we are in summer.

Food and more

An issue that every athlete must take into account is the proper nutrition and hydration for the activity to be performed. Good food and plenty of liquid ensure we maintain good physical condition during practice. Hydrating drinks or simple sugar water taken before, during and after exercise will help to return to our usual standards.

In the backpack, it is advisable to take nuts and chocolate that will give us energy for the march and a kit for possible contingencies that may occur.

More issues to consider...

As when we do trekking we "get" in nature, it is necessary to maintain proper conduct and respect for the environment. The idea is that if we want to come back another time and we want others to enjoy the same path, we must ensure our actions to the fullest, trying not to affect our environment.

Practical sense, organization and clarity on the objectives are some of the skills that people who want to do a tour or trek should have. Travel arrangements must be made with time and dedication.

Furthermore, it is highly desirable that those who wish to participate in long walks outdoors with some prior physical preparation to enable them to cope with the demands of trekking.

Finally, before embarking on the trek, it will be necessary to review the field information, hours of operation, the health condition of those who made the trip and the place needs to have basic elements and especially eager to enjoy the outdoors.

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3 Reviews about Trekking: sport for holidays
on 12/05/2015
My fiance and I live on a mountainous island in southeast alaska, and "trekking" (we call it hiking) is one of our favorite past times. We hike almost every day, and love taking part in running competitions that are not "road" running. Great article!
on 12/04/2014
Can't way to show this to ALL my friends! and see who will get with me to the great adventure in the mountains, I have always wanted to try trekking since a long time ago and now I have made up my mind!!! so please mountain wait for me until I prepare my equipment haha
on 27/06/2013
I?m an adventure addict and had the luck of trying hiking and trekking several times with my friends and even my family. Actually it is not a hard sport if you practice it in the proper way and just like the article explains, If you recognize your limits and avoid problems. Always respect the nature and spread the news of nice paths as any traveler should do!

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