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Transfer Factor and Health

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Transfer Factor and Health

There is talk now of transfer factor as an innovative alternative health to strengthen the immune system so that it can defend itself from diseases and environmental agents that pose a risk of disease. But what is a transfer factor? How much can do for your health? How do we really benefit from them?

What are transfer factors?

They are miniature messenger molecules that transfer information to cells of the immune system in order to help educate the immune cells to react or respond to danger either present or potential.

How to help the immune system?

It is well known that a strong immune system is necessary so that the body can successfully defend against all these harmful agents that exist in the environment. If the immune system is not healthy, the person is more prone to all kinds of infections and diseases. In fact, the body has the natural ability and spontaneous self-regeneration, auto-rebuild and auto-balance, the nature of this wonderful machine called the body is to create health, in fact, we can only either block or allow to flow this potential, and we do this every moment when we choose to have certain habits, whether physical, mental and / or emotional, such as, among others, have adequate food, etc.

Now, the immune system needs to have some information from viruses and other agents to recognize them as harmful or beneficial substances in the body. When the immune system recognizes as harmful to an agent, then create the necessary defenses to the offending agent can be combated. Then, the immune system stores this information in your memory when necessary. This is not really new, exist since we know that we can immunize through the use of vaccines. However, transfer factors provide information and report it to our defense mechanism so that it can be prevented with existing or potential danger, without actual antibody inoculation, simply transfer factors, proteins of low molecular weight appear to store the experience of the immune system.

Transfer factors and disease

Disease is something that man has struggled since he exists. The drugs have been adapted and improved to prevent contagion and reduce or eliminate suffering of all kinds. However, it is well known that often the medicine is not enough to heal a person, which takes more medicine when the disease persists, it may even worse, medications are not always efficient, and can also low and weaken defenses of the body, i.e. the body becomes weak so that the same act and to defend, which often can turn a person addicted to drugs, and making him or her immunologically weaker.

On the other hand, antibiotics fail as the resistance of many infectious species multiplies and mutates to adapt to new conditions and survive, so that diseases are becoming more resistant and spread ever more easily, much of this also due to the low responsibility and knowledge they have when taking measures to cure diseases, hoping that a drug compose the situation, leaving the problem on its hands, ignoring the most important aspects for the body is healthy.
Transfer factors are a kind of "chemical photography" of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites that were in contact with the body itself or with another, but they convey this information to the cells responsible for fighting the disease in the body where are introduced.

What is the role of transfer factor in health?

One way to explain how transfer factors in health is explaining the role of colostrum. This is a special elixir which prepares the mother before giving birth to her baby. This is the first liquid immunizing breast milk and colostrum is name. With this milk, to invading microorganisms facing the new baby can be identified, organized and educated by the baby's immune system, which can detect which microbes are not dangers. When a woman nurses her child, transfers the immunity to the baby, that is, gives all the information that her immune system has obtained throughout her life.

Thus we can summarize that a transfer factor helps the immune system to detect and eliminate invading organisms and harmful to the body and keeping in memory register this defense when needed.

The main functions of transfer factors are: recognize, respond and remember.

How do you consume them?

These small molecules containing only the essential message and are immune prepared from various combinations of amino acids. They are not vitamins, minerals or herbs. They are a special blend of amino acids. Dr. C. H. Kirkpatrick found that "transfer factors were small peptides of about eight amino acid residues, which can combine to create billions of different transfer factors."

Do they cause allergic reactions?

No, because they are completely natural, even not for a specific species, meaning that transfer factors produced by a cow is effective in humans as they would be in another cow, which, like chickens, have one of the strongest immune systems of all living beings, because of the conditions under which these animals grow and live.

For what diseases can be used?

Current reports include a successful recovery in viral diseases, malignant, parasitic, fungal, neurological and autoimmune diseases. You can help even in cases of AIDS, and help meet new virus outbreaks, including the resurgence of old diseases. Some countries have tried to bronchial asthma, allergic dermatitis, herpes zoster utopian and with very good results. When combinations of amino acids, their possibilities are endless, judging by the statements made by Dr. Estrada: "Transfer factors are useful in diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi. Is the case with diseases as diverse as tuberculosis (meningeal, renal and skin), leprosy, coccidioidomycosis, type I diabetes and so on”.

Some history

The transfer factors were discovered in 1949 by Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence. The most important research that showed that Lawrence was the "immune memory" was broadcast without actual antibody inoculation.

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3 Reviews about Transfer Factor and Health
on 10/01/2015
You know, this was a very interesting article, and when I started reading it, I had no ide awhat it could possibly refer to, but it really got me to think about what disease is, and I think so much of the way we view health is so...primeaval still. It's like we still see the world as being flat...but regarding health.
on 31/03/2013
This has to be one of the greatest discovers of the whole world, transferring immune system details can change the whole body and improve a better life style, I actually think that this is like magic and something very important, I must learn more about this technique of amino acids so I?m going to search more, I think this could even cure the worst diseases if treated properly.
on 29/06/2014
I agree with you, this is a master discovery that now help people around the world to create things against virus and more

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