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Train your brain with neurobic

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Train your brain with neurobic

About 80% of our day is filled with routines that reduce the intellectual effort, you might think that this is an advantage, but in reality, has a perverse effect, limiting our intellectual capacity.

To prevent our brain gets "deteriorated", you need to exercise it with tasks that require concentration.


A few years ago thanks to neuroscience, a remarkable ability of the brain to grow and change the pattern of their connections was revealed.

It is called aerobic neurobic, and it is a form of exercise to keep the brain agile and healthy, improving concentration and training your creativity and intelligence.

Through the proposed neurobic exercises, we can break the routine and expose the brain to further work.

Simple exercises

  • Change the place of things, you can believe that is insignificant, but at first when you want them, you will search in their usual place, and will force your brain to remember the new place you assigned.
  • Change the place of your wristwatch, you will probably take a couple of times to remember that you have it in your other hand, but believe it or not, it is a simple exercise that will work your brain.
  • Walk backwards. In China, it is common practice it in the parks, you can do it at home in an area you know to avoid accidents and do it slowly.
  • Get dressed with your eyes closed.
  • Close your eyes and ask your partner to offer you a bite to eat, and try to guess the flavor.
  • Turn photos head down and take the time to look at them; you can try the same with the TV for a few minutes.
  • Check the time in the mirror, it will take longer to identify the numbers, but this forces the brain to further work.
  • Take another route to work or when taking your kids to school.

These are examples of neurobic exercises, however, you can be creative and find other ways to exercise your brain with similar activities, it is about getting out of the normal routine, and encourage the other hemisphere of the brain.

Train your brain

Although these exercises are a good idea to keep your brain in shape, other recommendations can also help prevent the degeneration of our intellectual capacity:

  • Memorize: Try to remember a list of ingredients, procedures, dates and names. Learn the phone numbers of friends and colleagues. Today we have agendas and annotations, and we affect our little brain and its memorizing capacity. Put it into practice to keep in good condition your brain.
  • View: Learning to observe helps us remember, so it's a good idea to associate images with ideas. If you want to remember a name, remember the face, so you can associate the name with that person.
  • Reason: Sometimes we find it hard to remember something, but you can break it down until the idea is simple, remember it becomes much easier.

Make new activities

You can use a computer or learning to knit, or simply a new board game, any activity that requires concentration and your attention is useful to keep your brain active and make an effort.

Do exercise

Any activity that is good for your body is also good for your brain, any physical activity helps you stay fit, and it helps to have a healthy overall. Activities that require your coordination, such as dance, are great for exercising our brains.

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2 Reviews about Train your brain with neurobic
on 15/08/2014
This is so cool. And such easy things too!! Every now and then I'll try using my left (non-dominant) hand to do things, just becaues I think it must be good to give that arm some exercise for a change. It turns out it's really hard to do that. Isn't it funny how much we train ourselves to do things the easiest way possible, and we dont even realize it? I'll try brushing my teeth with my left hand tonight, and getting dressed with my eyes closed tomorrow. Thanks for the great article
on 21/02/2013
Today we don?t have time to concentrate and use our brain in a better way, the kids just watch tv and do activities that don?t help the brain at all, they just damage it! So this article is pretty interesting as it teach us that we can train our brain with simple and easy exercises.

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