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Tips to reduce the waistline

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Tips to reduce the waistline

The hot season begins and people would love to use tight, ventilated and even very naughty clothes. And a well-rounded palisades and slim waist is necessary because it is one of the most attractive part of a beautiful body. Unfortunately, in the area of the abdomen and the waist is where it is mostly the accumulation of excessive fat, where a smooth line of the body is broken into a silhouette which is not comfortable when we get, for example, small clothes or a bikini.

Some people are fortunate to have a "natural" nice waist and privileged to have an amazing body which just a little help, a good diet and some exercise are necessary to keep it that way. However, if your waist tends to spread or not to mark either the curvature of your body, accentuating its aesthetic proportions, do not worry because everything is a little matter of will and desire to want to reduce it.

Before you start this routine you should know that is not our intention that promise "stereotype" waist, one that fits the "ideal" and are determined by the mass media (such as the measures of Shakira) but our intention is to achieve your ideal waist, which is one that will give you a very attractive appearance and harmony with the natural proportions of your body, taking into account their actions, age and natural structure.


Nutrition plays an important role in reducing the waist, because if you are eating excess fat, fried foods, refined sugars or refined bread, it will be very difficult to reduce your waist. So if you want to see results, it is necessary to make the effort to stop eating the foods mentioned above, especially refined sugars (including light and sugar-containing products). The sugar is first responsible for the overweight and the accumulation of fat in the thighs and waist.

On the other hand, it is necessary to include at least 2 liters of water a day (one liter of this water can be herbal teas or drinks, no sugar) also consume plenty of vegetables. Doing a diet of purification would be excellent, because through them you can eliminate many toxins and extra fat in a very short time, and notice from the beauty and health of your skin, to your waist and abdomen. A good diet is the diet Syrup or lemon.

Well, here we give you the routine you need to do to start turning and reduce your waist.

1. Spirals: standing with legs slightly apart and your back straight, raise your arms and breathe deeply. Now, tilt your torso to one side as you can. Begin a turn to look at the floor, bend with your back. At the same time, lower your arms towards the front to touch the ground, and continue to do to complete the circle. End at the starting position and start again. Change hand, repeating the same thing. Do sets of five times.

2. Stretch: Standing with your arms straight and back high. Boost your right arm as much as you can feel that stretch the side of the waist, giving small pulls do it gently, slowly, without hurting. Change arms and repeat the same thing. Make sets of 10 repetitions with each arm.

3. Torsion: with your legs slightly open, hands on waist and the knees slightly flexed. Now slowly turn your waist as much as you can to the right and then left, with back straight and care, move only from the waist up, leaving still the hip. Perform a series of 20 one and other. You can vary this exercise with your arms crossed and with a hand in the neck.

4. Stick: with the same position of the previous exercise, you can also choose to put a stick over the shoulders behind your head with your arms holding. Rise and fall on one side and the other. Do 20 repetitions on each side.

5. Tops: stop with legs slightly open, hands on waist, workout rotation in a circle with the waist and hip, and then left to the right.

6. Lateral abdominal: lie on the floor on your right side and put your hands on the neck. Ask someone you hold your feet if you're a beginner. Now, push up and down your torso toward your feet. Repeat on the other side.

7. Abdomen for half abdominal: Lie on the floor with your legs and your hands on flexed near neck. If you are already advanced in this, put something that weighs on your abdomen, as one or two heavy books. Now, push your torso forward and then back down, do it slowly, you have to feel a little bit of muscle pain to know that if you are working the muscle.

Practice these exercises 5 times a week, and take into account the repetitions are according your state of your health, your age and your physical condition. If you're a beginner start with series of 5 and increase every week.

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2 Reviews about Tips to reduce the waistline
on 05/11/2014
You fiance and I were JUST talking about this. He and I both are competitive athletes, we train hard every day, and we both are very thin. We still have a little bit of fat that covers up our abs, and it's not because we aren't trying. I truly think there are just some people who carry a little bit of fat in their abdomen, no matter how they diet or exercise.
on 03/08/2013
Summer is a pain for some people who do not like their bodies like me, which is very bad if for example you are going to the beach and because you are afraid then you never take out your shirt or bath in the pool because you do not want to be criticized, in those times, it?s good to see a quick guide to help you at least avoid gaining more weight

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