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10 Tips to Reduce Stress

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10 Tips to Reduce Stress

Stress can make you feel nervous, sad or depressed. It may increase the concern for family, work or money problems. Living with this tension every day can cause fatigue, nervousness and the feeling that the situation has no remedy.

Stress is the body's response to the changes. It's very individual. A situation that one person finds stressful, may not bother at all to another person. For example a person may be tense while driving, another person finds that driving is a source of relaxation and pleasure. Something that causes fear for some people, such as rock climbing, can be fun for others. There is no way to say that something is "bad" or "stressful" because each one is different.

However, not all stress is bad. Speaking in public or watching a football game can cause stress. But it's also fun. Life would be boring without some stress. The key is to manage stress in an appropriate way, since the responses that are inappropriate can lead to health problems in some people.

What causes stress?

  • It can produce anger, fear, excitement or despair
  • It can make it harder to sleep at night
  • It can produce headache, neck, jaw and back
  • It can increase consumption cigarettes, alcohol, food or drugs
  • It can even be unnoticed by the person, while the body continues to suffer

General recommendations for coping with stress

  • Take 15 to 20 minutes a day to sit quietly, breathe deeply and think of a pleasant image
  • Try to accept the things you cannot change. One cannot solve all problems of life. Talk about your problems and look for something positive to take any bad situation
  • Exercise on a regular basis, particularly one that you like: walking, running, swimming, cycling.
  • Limit your intake of alcohol, food and consumption of cigarettes
  • Think about the things that bother you and try to avoid
  • Think about your problems and try to solve them one by one
  • Change the way you are facing difficult situations. Be positive, not negative
  • Learn to say "no". Do not promise too much. Take the time to do things the right way.

10 ways to relieve stress

  1. Breathe deeply several times. This relaxes the muscles.
  2. Do exercise. Go for a walk during the day in positive way.
  3. Think. Remember the good things in your life.
  4. Count to ten. This makes you take a break and relax before you react to the situation that causes stress.
  5. Do stretching. Stretching your muscles produce the feeling of relaxation and you feel less tense.
  6. Massage tense muscles. The muscles of the neck and upper back are most tense when you are stressed. A massage helps your relaxation.
  7. Take a shower or a bath with hot water. This helps relax the muscles.
  8. Listen to good music. It also helps you relax.
  9. Talk with family and friends about your feelings. It is important that others know how you feel to help you.
  10. Ask for help when needed. If you do not sleep well, have headaches, neck or back pain, see your doctor.

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2 Reviews about 10 Tips to Reduce Stress
on 14/06/2014
I feel this is one of the most interesting articles because it deals with such a popular issue that is affecting all people, despite their age, gender and culture. It is common knowledge that stress cause many diseases and serious health conditions. Therefore, this article should be printed and stuck in the refrigerator as it gives relevant tips to bear in mind every day.
on 09/02/2014
Stress is common but today we are used to high levels of it, and just like the article says, this can pass unnoticed for many time and then show as a great problem or breakout of the body and mind, and this is bad, very bad, so the best thing is to opt for things that relax you once in a while

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