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Tips to prevent hair loss

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Tips to prevent hair loss

Loss of hair, either natural or not, is called alopecia, and the result is baldness. There are different situations alopecia, some natural and others not. This article includes several tips for preventing hair loss.

What is hair?

Hairs are common hair, fully developed and represent the expression of a complex structure called pilo-sebaceous follicle. Its thickness, shape, color and length vary in the human races. The number and color vary from person to person. On average a human being has from 125,000 to 150,000 hairs. The average person with blonde hair has lees hair than those with pigmentation, while people with red hair have fewer pigmentation.

What are the Anagen, Catagen and Telogen phases?

Anagen is the growth phase that lasts between 3-7 years and in which the hair grows regularly at an average speed of 1 cm per month. Catagen is the stage of life to the hair and lasts between 15 and 30 days on average. Telogen is the resting phase of the hair and lasts 3 to 4 months without any vital activity. The hair falls and occurred towards the end of the follicular phase begins again in phase anagen which a new hair.

Is it true that having the hair very short or completely shaved strengthens the back of the hair growth?

This is very common, but the answer is clear: No. Because there has been no relationship of cause and effect which confirms the fact that the hair is strengthened by this process.

Is it true that I should not wash my hair everyday?

What is certain is that poor hygiene and lack of care seriously harms the hair follicle, and that an excess of sebum on the scalp can lead to premature baldness. The inappropriate use of products such as aggressive shampoos creates a bad effect; you should opt for shampoo components suitable to the characteristics of each hair.

Will hair grow back?

Yes, the hair grows back. You may see a partial or total growth of a hair, only when the follicle is not completely atrophied. A single hair is totally dead for many years after the calvicie said, therefore, relying on different therapies, it is possible to stop and reverse the miniaturization process and bring back the hair follicle to produce hair completely healthy.

When hair begins to be replaced by a new hair?

The old hair falls because a new hair is growing. It may take several months before this hair is visible (usually 2 to 4 months).

Does a hat cause baldness faster?

No, you can wear a hat to protect from the sun, wind or dust.

How many hairs are lost each day?

The loss is between 50 to 100 hairs. Androgenetic baldness is a problem of non-replacement of hair falling.

How long treatment should last?

Depending on symptoms, and vary the timing of corrective treatment. It is important to maintain a treatment to achieve the desired results as this is always positive results. The use of cosmetic products should never end, with the right products to continue over time achieving a healthy hair.

Is it true that fixers accelerate hair loss?

Most fixers cause a blockage in the follicle, hair stiff stems, weakening the hair growth.

What are the differences between the localized alopecia and generalized alopecia?

The difference lies in the area lost in localized alopecia is isolated and unique, or on the contrary, there are several, while the generalized alopecia manifests an overall loss of hair affects a wide area.

How important are hair cosmetics?

The cosmetic serves to correct, protect and keep hair healthy, encouraging regeneration.

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2 Reviews about Tips to prevent hair loss
on 13/09/2014
I've heard that exposure to the sun can damage hair. I wear a hat every time I work in the garden, and not only does it protect my hair, but it protects my skin too. I'm thinking of starting to make my own shampoo too, to avoid exposure to all those chemicals. But from reading this article is sounds like washing your hair every day isn't such a bad thing!
on 03/03/2014

You can never know if you will have a problem of these, when you are young the hair seems to have such a beauty and it grows even though you do not want it, that is marvelous but then you grow up and the hair is not as it use to be? that is very sad let me tell you

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