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Tips to naturally Strenghten your Hair

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Tips to naturally Strenghten your Hair

Hair may fade and have a dull appearance for various reasons, such as hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies and stress, amongst others. Fortunately we can strengthen it with natural options like massages, changes in our diet, etc.

Changes in diet

A complete diet is important for healthy and beautiful hair, so there are some nutrients that we must consider.

Iron: You need it to have silky and shiny hair. Some foods rich in iron include red meat, eggs, legumes and green vegetables.

Vitamins A, group B and C: These vitamins are found mainly in foods such as white meats, eggs, oysters, seeds, whole grains, nuts and citrus fruits.

Folic acid: Helps protect hair from the harmful effects of the sun and also prevents dandruff. It is found in vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, beetroots and others.


Massage is a great way to strengthen the hair, as massage stimulates scalp circulation and relaxes the muscles of the head. To perform a head massage, it is usually done with the fingertips but some movements may include the palms of the hands and even the knuckles.

Place the tips of your fingers on your scalp from the nape and apply a circular massage with your fingers to your forehead. It is important that you carry these massages out in a clean and relaxing environment, without adding cosmetic or hygiene products.

Helpful Masks

Another way to strengthen your scalp is using masks, shampoos or balm preparations using some plants and vegetables that are known to help nourish and strengthen our hair.

Aloe: Prepare a mask with one teaspoon of aloe gel, the pulp of an avocado and yogurt, mix and apply on hair and leave on for about 15 minutes. Remove and rinse your hair.

Avocado and coconut milk: helps give hair shine, serves to replenish natural lipids, restoring its silkiness. Prepare a puree of avocado mixing with coconut milk, apply to the hair, starting at the ends and distributing it through your hair.

Roses and jojoba: If you mix both ingredients, this can help give body to hair. Heat up a cup of rose water and add a drop of jojoba oil. You can also add a tablespoon of wheat germ, which is rich in vitamin E. Let the mixture cool and apply on the scalp for 10 minutes, finally rinse.


Essential oils can be a great ally for the health of your hair, because they are highly concentrated. It is recommended to apply directly to the skin or scalp, however, they can be diluted in an oil base for implementation.

Dry Hair: You can use jojoba oil to massage the scalp, leaving on for 15 minutes. Apply it once a week, as a jojoba oil treatment acts as a conditioner and therefore it is not necessary to include another product. Remove it with non-alkaline shampoo.

Dandruff: Prepare one litre of hot water in a container with a splash of white vinegar and two drops of lemon or rosemary oil. After washing your hair with shampoo, use this mixture to rinse it off.

For oily hair: Find a suitable shampoo for oily hair and add a drop of lemon oil to it.

To aid hair growth: In a mild shampoo, dilute 10 drops of lemon essential oil, 3 drops of cypress essential oil and 5 drops of rosemary essential oil, then use it to wash your hair.

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9 Reviews about Tips to naturally Strenghten your Hair
on 29/02/2016
Thanks for this handy article, although I have to say the advice for greasy hair is never very thorough... There are always a thousand ways to treat dry and damaged hair with amazingly moisturising oils and plant treatments, but when it comes to excess oil there is never any conclusive advice on how to combat it. Can anyone offer any tips or advice?
on 16/07/2014
I like the aromatherapy and mask ideas. I'll definitely give those a shot. I already have a pretty well-rounded, healthy diet. For the most part I would say my hair is very nice, although as I mentioned in a previous post, my bangs seem to get oily within a day, while the tips never really do. Thanks for the advice!
on 02/05/2014
on 09/11/2013
I have problems with my hair, all the time, maybe it is becuase my diet lack certain elements, but since I cannot modify my diet drastically, I will try one of those remedies you explain here, maybe it could help at least to recover the force in my hair since it tends to fall very ofter
on 05/11/2013
The aromatherapy sounds like a good option and very interesting, because I have never tried it, and maybe /i could find a great and long solution for my hair since it is dry for no particular reason, I think it could be diet, so if the oils and scents don't work, I am going to change my diet and habits for sure
on 15/11/2013
Look, the jojoba oil is one of the most used in treating this kind of problems, especially if they have to do with the hair, and of course if your problem is it looking dull and opaque, then the jojoba is perfect, but if you want somehting else, I do not know, but the avocado oil has worked perfect for me
on 01/12/2013
I have tried the jojoba and it is very good indeed! I used it a couple of times during the week and then my hair started to look nice and even grew up, so thanks for sharing this with me!
I am very grateful with you and the whole webpage!

on 28/10/2013
I am going to try to massage my scalp more often, probably the fall in my hair is only due to that problem, I have just forgotten the importance of the growing hair and this is a very bad problem because I will get even older and then I won't be capable of doing anything, so thanks for sharing this
on 22/10/2013
I was using a natural product based on jojoba oil and other ingredients and I got excellent results, my hair now shines a lot and everyone near me note that, this is amazing so I really recommend the jojoba if your hair looks dull or opaque, a heal cure for it.

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