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Tips for Reducing your Waist

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Tips for Reducing your Waist

Although sometimes we do not easily see, we can say that the waist is always there. Many of us do not show it because we have "a few kilos more ...! Thus, you will find the solution to work your hips, taking into account foods you should eat and those you shouldn’t, as well as the basic routine of exercises. Let’s work!

Flat stomach

One of the most unpleasant feelings is to feel that our belly is swollen. So, in principle, we should avoid foods that cause this inflammation. Another simple solution is to eat a few pieces of pineapple or papaya after a heavy lunch. While it is quite common after eating vegetables or meat you feel heavy and bloated, this is sufficient to prevent you from eating a slice of pineapple or 4 bits of papaya. These fruits contain a substance called bromelain that aids digestion of such foods.

Bromelain is able to break down proteins into amino acids, that is why the pineapple is a large tract, as its bromelain is a digestive ferment as potent as pepsin or papain. So if you feel bloating, here you have several options: one or two fresh slices without syrup or juice before meals combined, or a salad to prepare the stomach for any excesses, or dessert to facilitate digestion.

But really the best you can do is to maintain a balanced diet and with excess. Eating fruits and vegetables, eating whole grains, taking more than 3 liters of water per day, and avoiding flour and refined sugar will lead you on track, you not only will have a harmonious body, but you will enjoy good health.

Consume plenty of fiber: This absorbs water from food and increase the volume of the bolus, which promotes intestinal motility and also prevents colon cancer. If your bowel habits are regular and you will feel slight stomach deflated.

Reduce fat intake. Fats are of slow and heavy digestion. Remember that the Mediterranean diet is very healthy and delicious.

Consume cheese and eggs in moderation, and avoid especially fried sausages, cream, candy and ice cream.

Move your body

Exercises to slim the waist are usually very effective for those who want to shape this area of the body. As noted earlier, the ideal is that exercise is accompanied by a diet or adequate food. Anyway, there's nothing healthier than moving your body! All you need is willpower and a mat or carpet to lie down and avoid hurting you, you can prepare a small gym without having to leave home. You only need a simple fitness equipment. If your willpower persists, you can invest in a bike. Your whole body will thank you.

Exercise to reduce waistline

Convolution: This is one of the most recommended exercises to slim the waist. First you have the legs slightly apart, breathe deeply and, while you have outstretched arms and waist bent, raise your arms to put on the sides of the head. Then bend the most from your waist to the right and turn the trunk of your body until the side is looking at the floor. Then you do the same down, ensuring that your hands touch the ground and then complete the movement turning left. Repeat this exercise several times.

Another of the excellent exercises to slim the waist is walking with your hands. Just bend your waist forward with the legs straight and without bending, to rest the hands on the floor. Once you're in that position, and without moving your legs start to walk with your hands. Then repeat the same but with the legs, careful not to bend. Repeat this pattern four or five times per set.

Abdominal: whenever we speak of the torso and abdomen nothing better to do abs. In this case the ideal is to work the lateral or oblique, which are what shape your waist, and tone and shape those difficult areas.

Dance: The dance not only allows in general burn fat throughout the body, Arabic dance, or belly dancing for example, is an ideal exercise to shape the waist.

Remember that once achieved the desired results, the best way to keep fit is by keeping gymnastics.

Other resources

  • To reduce your waistline, you will also find help in cosmetics. There are products that will help you narrow your waist, beauty centers, beauty therapies and treatments exist to shape your waist. Massages localized and well-made are truly effective.
  • Moisturize your waist every day. The belly skin is, with thighs and arms, among the first to note the passing of the age. That is why we must moisturize daily with a good moisturizer.
  • Massage your body. After the shower, it is important that you apply with a gentle massage cream that will help prevent sagging.

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3 Reviews about Tips for Reducing your Waist
on 01/05/2015
Thanks so much! I'm getting married this july and I'm thinking about ways to really trim my figure down over the next 3 months. I'm athletic already, but I've always wanted to trim up my waist area a bit, so now I've got some good ideas to get me started!
on 04/06/2013
I?m resenting age already and this is hard for me, I have lost my beautiful body and I have fat and skin in my belly that I can?t get rid of, but well I?m going to try the recommendations here and start an exercise program for a couple of month but really I want to see results soon but I won?t fall in easy ways like pills and that stuff!
on 06/06/2010

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