Tips for proper use of the pacifier, the blanket and something more Tipps für die ordnungsgemäße Verwendung von Schnuller, Decken, etc. Consejos para el uso adecuado del chupón, las mantitas y algo más

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Tips for proper use of the pacifier, the blanket and something more

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Tips for proper use of the pacifier, the blanket and something more

Well it says that no one has studied to be a father. And it is a fact that until we pass that experience can have an idea of what this whole experience is beautiful. When you are first time mom or dad, get advice from all sides, which says this and that, what the doctor says and what the grandparents. However, as a parent you should be learning to listen and to consider under reasoning and common sense, which is most appropriate for the baby.

Here we give you a list of what expert values most appropriate for the baby before the year. We hope you this serves as a practical guide to accompany you in this new experience.

Using the pacifier and blanket

The baby has the natural instinct to suck. If you see him, from very small to begin sucking his hands, fingers, clothing, hair. This is natural and does not mean that the baby needs a pacifier, but is experiencing the world through the mouth. Much has been said that the pacifier is harmful to the health of the mouth, which is a source of germs and it deforms the palate and teeth. And indeed the nipple can cause deformations in the arch of teeth, jaw, as well as its abuse can affect the growth of teeth.

Moreover, it is believed that the baby sucks by anxiety, which may be true, but it only does so when hungry and activates the spontaneous sucking reflex. However, given a pacifier is not as harmful as you think, if you are careful to wash it very well and only at certain times, this will not cause strain on the palate or teeth.

Sucking is cognitive for baby

However, take into account that the baby experiences with the mouth and may feel very happy and curious to know his hand across his mouth, sucking the feet or his arm or even the arm of the mother or dad and his hair are natural ways of becoming acquainted with all around him. Always having some plastic in the mouth may limit the experience of cognitive feedback. So if you'll give a pacifier, do not use it just to silence when cries and avoid giving it all the time. Believe that the constant suction active salivary glands because the body does not know that something is "plastic" in the mouth, but that means it is lunchtime. This causes cramping and possible infections and who favors the presence of bacteria and fungi.


There are many babies who suck blanket or rags, this should not be cause for concern, the blanket is a way to massage palate and to interact with all around him. Even sucking on plastic toys and biting is necessary for him. Seek, however, trying to maintain what is leading to the mouth clean.

When should and should not give a pacifier?

  • Do not just give him a pacifier to soothe the crying. Crying is a means by which the baby was breathing and emotionally also helps strengthen the lungs. Therefore, if he cries, let it a while and then calm.
  • Do not to give baby the pacifier after eating or as a substitute for food.
  • If you look nervous and note that gets the finger in thei mouth.

When should stop using the pacifier?

Both the blanket and pacifier, should be permitted until the first months of baby's life, until it meets a year. If you get used to your little one following this habit, you can endure all their harmful consequences listed above.

If the baby teeth appear first must make it at all costs. Avoid honey, sugar or other things at the nipple, as this promotes the development of caries.

Thumb sucking

Thumb is a case similar to the pacifier. The problem with this is that the pacifier can be controlled and we cannot remove the finger from the baby. So whether it is advisable to allow the nipple as this will give you comfort the baby and prevent the harmful habit of thumb sucking.

There are children who have up to 8 years (even more) and still do it. This is due to many causes, but one not to be allowed the small nipple. Thus, it is preferable that, if we see the baby with finger in mouth, it is necessary to remove it and give it a pacifier. In this way we can control this habit and help the baby to drop gradually.

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1 Reviews about Tips for proper use of the pacifier, the blanket and something more
on 30/08/2014
Thanks for the article! I've always wondered if the pacifier were "good" to use or not. But I guess if you don't give them a pacifier they're just going to suck their thumb. And eventually they should grow out of it anyway, so I guess there's no problem, unless it continues into later years in life.

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