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Tips for Glowing Eyes

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Tips for Glowing Eyes

We all want a fresh and youthful look, however bad habits over time, for example poor nutrition among others, are factors that can diminish freshness to our eyes and give a tired and sad look instead.

Bags and dark circles under the eyes are the main problems, as both of these are able to put years on the way we look, but the good news is that they can be avoided. The solutions can range from surgery to simple home methods.

Bags under the eyes

Bags are a swelling that occurs in the lower eyelid, and give us a tired appearance. It occurs by fluid retention due to poor circulation and fat accumulation, among others.


As already mentioned, there can be many causes. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Gravitation: Tissues lose their firmness by displacement of adipose tissue.
  • Poor circulation: Both vascular and lymphatic systems can affect the eyes. When there is poor circulation, this causes fluid retention. Likewise if the lymphatic vascular system is stimulated, bags can be fought and gotten rid of.
  • Genetics: The existence of bags in the lower eyelids can also be due to family heritage and genetics: Each person has a specific way of storing fat.

Tips to control and prevent bags

You can try to sleep with your head higher than the rest of the body, as this prevents liquid from accumulating in the facial area and particularly in the lower eyelids.

Before going to bed try to have a light meal, including vegetables, and little salt to prevent retention.

Try to stick to your sleeping schedule: A good rest is essential to avoid the appearance of bags under the eyes.

In the morning, wash your face with cold water.

Dark Circles

Darkened skin under the eyes can also give us an ill appearance and usually occur for various reasons such as eating disorders, fluid retention and genetics, among others. They are also very common among people who do not rest enough or have problems sleeping.

Often dark circles are transient and appear mostly due to physical or emotional exhaustion, but if they persist it is because the passage of time is having an effect. With age, dark circles become more intense and noticeable, so the face loses its youthful appearance.


The skin of the lower eyelid is thin so the pigments of poor microcirculation can be seen through it. Causes may include: fatigue, stress, alcohol and tobacco, among others.

Ageing and loss of skin elasticity can also contribute to the intensification of dark circles.


Maintain a good sleep schedule: It is clear that adequate rest and sleep is reflected in our skin. It can appear more healthy and without these dark circles and marks that appear after a bad night's sleep.

Apply a treatment of depigmentation or whitening serum twice a day for about a month until dark circles have faded.

Take your make-up off properly: Daily facial cleansing is essential for healthy skin, and when you do this, do not forget to clean the eye area well. The make-up makes your eyes red, and residues along with environmental pollution and dirt accumulates and damages the skin, clogging pores. When this happens, you can form balls of fat or keratin under the skin, which must be removed by an expert with the use of a needle.

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10 Reviews about Tips for Glowing Eyes
on 12/02/2016
I think the most important point here is that you MUST get enough rest at night. If not, bags and dark circles will most definitely appear and no amount of make-up remover or skin whitening serum is going to help that. A good amount of rest each day, a healthy diet and a regular (natural) skin care regime will avoid excessive bags under the eyes.
on 16/09/2014
What a great article, this was a really fun read. I've always had bright and shiny eyes, and I've always figured it was because of good diet, but I do have dark circles under them. My eyes look great, but just underneath I do have the dark circles. I don't think it's due to physical or emotional exhaustion, so I'm thinking it has something to do with poor circulation.
on 08/01/2014
The bags under the eyes are very awful indeed, they do not look attractive in no one, so should be avoided, because they just show a tired and stressed face that may even scare people, thanks to sharing these advices for those suffering from this problem, I am glad to see that there is a always a solution
on 05/01/2014
I tend to use much makeup and maybe this is causing the trouble in my eyes, they look tired and let's see, old, and to avoid showing those eyes to the world I use more makeup which I imagine is damaging the skin for real, so what should I do? stop rearing the makeup or can I find some option that is suitable for my problem?
on 05/01/2014
I might have a bad circulation which damages my skin even though it doesn't look like that, but a friend of mine told me that, so I do not know, maybe I should try looking a doctor who could tell me what can I do to avoid that, because my eye lids are a little bit damaged and ugly
on 27/12/2013
When i have those, it is usually caused by a bad night, I mean, not having slept enough to keep on going during the day, this is pretty common and the easy solution is just sleeping well and stop partying all night! but
I am glad to see that there are other solutions in an emergency

on 14/12/2013
It is interesting the tips for care the eyes. I like to clean the eye area when for the balls under the eye or when use the makeup every day.
Being more healthy and without these dark circles and grooves that appear after a bad night's sleep.

on 13/12/2013
I think I might have that bags that need needles but I did not know that so I just used som creams but nothing seem to work eve then creams for the pores and pimples and that kind of stuff, thanks a lot for all the recommendations are very helpful.
on 02/02/2014
Well let me tell you that the sooner you take care of them the better, if you let them stay in your eyes for many time then they won't disappear so please listen to me and try to use a a therapy as soon as possible, your eyes will be happy and your look will be better too!
on 01/06/2014
You are right! now I have done anything to stay ok and I have found very good results!

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