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Tips for gaining weight and muscle mass

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Tips for gaining weight and muscle mass

The fashion has promoted slender and well-turned bodies a lot, which is why most diets are focused to reduce fat and lose weight or tone muscles. And yet there are many who would like, on the other hand, gain a little weight. Always seems to get easier to remove, and although one could say that there is some truth in this, anything is possible if there is a willingness and the body is healthy.

So here are some tips for those wishing to gain a little weight and turning their body in a more aesthetic and harmonious way.

1. Clean your body: cleanliness is essential to everything that wants to start. So to regain a little weight if necessary, before you start, follow a diet of purification. This must happen often because the body cannot assimilate the nutrients well because of an excess accumulation of toxins in the bowel or some deficiency in the functioning of an organ. So do not worry that this diet will not make you lose more weight, but gain a healthier body for the purpose you want.

2. Elimination diet: It will only take 10 days to make a soft diet, which takes a lot of pure water and remove sausage and milk products (of animal), and add fruit juices in the morning and vegetable juices in the afternoon (be sure to not combine fruits with vegetables and citrus to take the fasting without combining with any other food, and waiting 20 minutes before taking anything else).

3. Diet if you are training: If you are currently taking any supplement or training, you can even continue to maintain this diet so far. Remember that even if you train or do weights, if your body does not assimilate well, your muscle won’t gain volume. You need to choose the products in your diet with the highest quality and delete everything that is junk.

4. Relax: is an important key to learn to relax for a moment and ignore the problems and concerns, without which, the nervous system captures nutrients before that these achievements become strong parts. During the day, allow time to relax and let the world turn, always wanting to avoid doing something or solving something. Try to sleep well and at the same time.

5. Routine maintenance: it does not matter if you train, do weights and sleep, if your routine is not supported with proper nutrition, you will not get muscle growth. Teach yourself to eat only healthy food and quality products. Choose healthy ways to prepare your food, avoid fried things and prefer fresh vegetables instead of cooked. Divide your meals into five or six during the day and three of them consume a salad or vegetable juice, and if train, eat half hour after the train abundant proteins.

6. Natural foods to gain weight: foods to gain weight and increase muscle are pollen, brewer's yeast and all foods containing vitamin A, as many times weight loss is due to a deficiency of this vitamin. The carrot and parsley contain this vitamin. Do not forget to include vitamin C (citrus fruit juices) and E (avocado, nuts, etc.). And much sodium.

7. Between meals : Be sure to consume foods for gaining weight like bananas, sunflower seed flour, soy milk, goat milk and dried fruit.

8. Be sure to consume at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight and three to four times that amount in carbohydrates. Remember that protein is the building block of muscle and carbohydrates will provide energy for high intensity training.

9. Fat is necessary for many body functions: and the muscle is composed of adipose tissue. So look for healthy fats like olive oil cold pressed, fat fish like salmon, blue and oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, etc). In the morning, prepare smoothies that you can include your diet, while continuing a diet bar low in carbohydrates that promotes a feeling of satiety and is a necessity if we are to increase muscle volume, as allows us to train harder and heavier.

10. Practical exercise: if the muscle is not strengthened by exercise, this is usually low in nutrients. Find a good routine of weights according to your body and skills. Swimming, cycling and mountaineering are very good for increasing muscle volume, and it will help you relax.

11. Extras: If they provide carbohydrate supplementation during prolonged exercise of moderate intensity and, athletes can exercise longer and produce more power over short-term efforts at end of exercise. In the market there are many supplements for increasing muscle. Consult your coach or naturopath for you to indicate which is best for you.

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2 Reviews about Tips for gaining weight and muscle mass
on 29/08/2015
Great article!! There are so many articles around about how to lose weight and "look great", it's refreshing to see something around about how to put on weight, in a healthy way! I am particularly pleased that you emphasized healthy eating in this.
on 05/10/2013
Many men want to gain weight especially if they are very skinny as that type of body looks more feminine than anything, so probably this could help more people than you imagine, but the idea is not feeding yourself with bad and unhealthy foods to gain weight unless you only want to gain fat pounds

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