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Tinnitus: Options for treatment

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Tinnitus: Options for treatment

Tinnitus occurs when we perceive a noise or sound, such as a buzz without a true sound stimulation. For the sufferer, this situation can become a nightmare, as it prevents people concentrating, enjoying their activities or even sleeping.

What are the causes of tinnitus?

Experts believe that hiper-nervous discharges in the auditory system are the cause. It is also believed that they may occur due to loud noises, for example which we receive when we attend a rock concert. Some illnesses and medications can influence it, especially diseases involving the ear.

For most people there is no cure, but there are treatments to help.

Correct your posture

Doctors have come to realise that poor posture can influence the development of tinnitus. People who spend time hunched in front of a screen or mobile phone may suffer from tinnitus because the neck muscles are affected: Sitting up straight is the solution.

Control your mind

For some people, hearing constant ringing can cause anxiety, depression or both, because they cannot concentrate on anything else. It is recommended to avoid negative thoughts like "this sound is never going to stop" , "I'm going crazy" and instead try to stay positive "this will end". In the case of prolonged ringing, cognitive behavioral therapy is recommended for the acceptance of the problem.

Pay attention to your teeth

Grinding your teeth, chewing gum and stringy/chewy foods can be triggers of tinnitus, since there are connections between the brain centres that control the muscles of mastication and those involved in the auditory system. If you suffer from any problems involving the temporomandibular joint or your teeth, try to attend to them as soon as possible.


Removing Wax: Wax is produced naturally by the ears, and can also be cleaned naturally. However, some people can have too much and this can irritate the eardrum. Removal of wax by a professional usually helps improve hearing and reduces tinnitus.

Therapeutic Sounds: Listening to music or sounds of natural atmospheres at night can make the buzz fade to the background, allowing sleep. There are sound machines that are reasonably priced and have the function of setting a calm mood.

Medications: Some meds can cause, or even worsen the discomfort. These include some antibiotics, cancer drugs and NSAIDs. Check with your doctor if you use medication that may be exacerbating the problem, and in such case consider changing them.

Use of nutritional supplements: Supplements of vitamin B complex, Zinc, and gingko biloba may favour people who suffer from tinnitus, which has been linked to zinc deficiency and vitamin B12: both essential nutrients that regulate the function of the nerves. Although not all patients experience an improvement after consumption, it is worth trying it because in about 40% of cases it has proven to be beneficial.

Improve sleep: Taking naps and ensuring good rest helps to tolerate the discomfort caused by the irritating sound. You should avoid consuming stimulants that may hinder rest, avoid stress and adopt a routine to help you relax before sleeping, like taking a relaxing bath.

Combat Anxiety: Anxiety Medications are found to be useful in treating this condition. Relief can obtained from some herbs such as valerian to help us fight anxiety naturally and can be used in the form of teas, or consuming the capsules with valerian root extract.

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5 Reviews about Tinnitus: Options for treatment
on 23/02/2016
Wow! I have a friend who suffers from a similar stress-induced condition which appears to be something like tinnitus and it really can take over your entire life if you do not find ways to treat it and accept the problem. I really liked the suggestion about cognitive behavioural therapy because it can affect the mood very negatively indeed. A good and helpful article!
on 14/01/2015
Perhaps you can dispel or verify this rumor, but I've heard that when you hear ringing in your ears at a certain pitch, this is evidence that you are losing the ability to hear that pitch again. Something like the fibers that absorb that pitch are dying in your ear, which creates a false sense of hearing it as the fiber dies out.
on 01/12/2013
The use of medications can really affect the person if used in a bad way, so I really recommend that you avoid using them unless if is very necessary, now, I recommend that you find natural therapies like the ones explained here, and thus you will help a lot more than using drugs
on 29/11/2013
The other day I had something similar to this, I do not know why it was caused, the only thing I know is that I felt something awful in my head, or my ears, and then the pain grew amazinly, I almost cried, I went to the doctor and her told me I suffer from this and send me some pills, but I decided to do my own research
on 14/11/2013
I have heard that thing in my ear and it is very awful, this happened to me once when I go out of the pool and then I felt and strange sound in my ear, it was something like a constant buzz and I was very stressed because it lasted many hours, then it stopped and never happened again,,, weird

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