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Tics. Causes and Natural Treatments

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Tics. Causes and Natural Treatments

It is called "tick" to the involuntary movement of the muscles without cause. The tic is characterized as a movement inopportune, convulsive and even excessive could appear at any time and repairs several times and with different frequencies, often can be avoided but sometimes it is difficult to control tics.

Many times, these repetitive patterns, especially when severe (as in the case of continuous unusual tonic positions of the head) affect self-esteem and security of the person, causing it to retract.

Types of tics

Tics may occur more frequently in children older than 8 years, but also occurs in adults. There are two types of tics: the calls of etiology, generated because repeated voluntarily, and neurophysiological tics, which are due to deficiencies in the nervous system or brain damage, as in the case of some people who used drugs and damaged his nervous system.

Tics of etiology are divided, also, in two: simple and complex tics. The simple are brief sudden movements, which involve a limited number of muscles.

Some examples of simple tics

  • Moving your head from side to side, or lift it and repeat several times.
  • Shoulder shrugging.
  • Open and close the eye several times.
  • Snort, suck, yawn, hiccup, etc..
  • Teeth grinding, beating, etc..
  • Moving your mouth with some grimaces or making noises with it.
  • Moving hands, finger, foot, mouth, etc..

Complex tics are successive movements involving several muscle groups.

Some examples of complex tics are:

  • Jumping
  • Sniffing objects
  • Touching your nose
  • Touching other people
  • Puting your head in specific postures

Causes of tics

Tics are due to muscle contraction opponents of one or more parts of the body, generating contractions involuntary movements, unusual postures and sometimes pain.

These involuntary muscle contractions may be due to:

  • Anxiety, nervousness, excessive stress, etc.., Caused by nagging, harsh punishments or demand, etc..
  • Holding things to say, suppress or deny the expression of strong emotions such as anger, etc.
  • Insecurity and fears
  • Deep feelings of guilt
  • Damage to the brain caused by drugs, beatings, disease, etc..

Natural treatments against ticks

When a tick is due to an emotional or psychological treatment should be tried to a therapist. In this case, the following is recommended:

Yoga: will help the person to balance emotionally and let emotions flow containing. Yoga will help create a more balanced emotional environment, however, the routine must be accompanied with sessions for emotional understanding.

Sessions of bio-energy: are fantastic to relieve contained or repressed emotions, fears and insecurities to unblock and help the person feel more confident and well off. These sessions are especially ideal for treating anxiety and tension in the body, which can cause, among a number of other adverse consequences, tics.

Psychological sessions: often talking so deeply, unlocking the anxieties and tensions accumulated. The kids will be fine to talk with them or take them with someone who can guide the emotionally.

In children with tics: we must see if they are being judged or punished severely, considering that many times children are usually very sensitive to an adult what is "normal" for the child can be a strong offense. So the adult must observe the tone of voice, the words used and focus on transmit messages in a friendly way, allowing the child to make a mistake and think through the consequences and the limits of love, not with insults or threats. It helps put the child to physical sports activities for the child to learn to cope emotionally, and at night, reading stories and talking with your feelings.

Effort of will: often, a tic can be controlled with a strong effort of will, and can be partially controlled.

Diet: Healthy eating can help improve muscle control and reducing tension, plus it nourishes the nervous system.

You should reduce or eliminate the use of white sugar derivatives.

You need to consume foods with minerals, increase consumption of fruits and vegetables and unprocessed grains. Milk is a good food for the nervous system, acts as a tranquilizer by increasing the amount of neurotransmitters with relaxing properties in the brain.

Avoid caffeine abuse, as this could alter the nervous system. Coffee should be changed by tranquilizers herbal teas such as chamomile, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, etc.. All these drinks are restorative nervous system must be taken unsweetened and with a little soy milk, very hot at night. It should increase the consumption of citrus fruits in the diet, such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, etc. as they are fortifying foods nervous system. Also nuts, almonds, sesame, vegetable oils, fish, brewer's yeast and evening primrose oil should not miss in your diet.

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3 Reviews about Tics. Causes and Natural Treatments
on 22/08/2014
There was a girl at school, when I was in college, that had a really strange tick. She bobbed her head from side to side whenever she walked. She was a perfectly normal girl, apart from the tick, but everybody knew of her because of it. It was very noticeable, but I don't think she had any way of controlling it either. It was constant.
on 29/06/2014

It's the worst thing in the world, I hate it, and actually can stop it, I tend to move the leg very quickly, what can I do?

on 28/02/2013
I knew a nervous tic can also make you accumulate the tension in the neck. If you suffer from this problem, you can relieve the pain by taking an infusion of willow; this calm unrest also lowers inflammation and acts as a temporary sedative.

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