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Third Vegetarian Congress

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Third Vegetarian Congress

After the celebration in 2005 of our 2nd Congress in Barcelona, we have chosen for this Third Congress of the Spanish Vegetarian Union (UVE) City of Madrid, a central point that will attract not only residents, but also people from all over our country.

The Congress is addressed to both the general public (for promotion of vegetarianism), and for the partners themselves (as a meeting place, learning and sharing experiences).

It will be attended by prominent activists of the vegetarian movement, and the program include workshops, lectures and discussions on topics related to vegetarian diets, the health, the animal rights and environmental protection.

It will have ample space for table exhibitors with information material, books, etc., contributing even more to bring vegetarian issues to the general public.


It needs the cooperation of corporate sponsors, both financially and materially. In return the companies get advertising partners by visual or physical presence in Congress, including advertising on all printed materials (brochures, posters, special report) and also a promotional link from the official website of the Congress.


Those interested in presenting a paper at the conference should send an abstract of the proposal before January 31st, 2007.

Papers that are accepted will form part of the official activities of the congress, and served on the speakers in this regard, they must send the full paper for possible treatment or subsequent publication.


A lack of specific details of the 3rd Vegetarian Congress who are interested in attending can register and be informed about developments relating to the event.

This manner does not imply any commitment of assistance. At the time, you must register for.

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1 Reviews about Third Vegetarian Congress
on 24/11/2015
This sounds like a silly name, but I'm sure the purpose of it is quite meaningful. this article was written perhaps a year or two ago, do you know if they have continued to hold the "congress"? And if so, what progress have they been making?

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