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What your eyes and gaze say about you

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What your eyes and gaze say about you

Keeping eyes healthy and beautiful is the conclusion of a number of elements not only physical but mental and spiritual. We know that the eyes of the people largely dictates the personality of that person and, if we are observers and develop the art of knowing people through their eyes, we find that the "mirrors of the soul” are in indeed a clear and precise X-ray of the inside of the human being which, by means of visual traits and attitudes that have purchased and taken the eyes over time, it can be a very precise mental and spiritual history of the individual.

The pop eyes: for example, reveal a deep tension or fear. The eyes speak of a person who has been in constant tension, alert, taking care to not being hurt or assaulted. People with these eyes usually have a lot of mental activity are passionate intellectuals, and thus often suffer from the consequences of mental exhaustion, such as insomnia, susceptibility to infections, anxiety, nervousness and distrust.

The many wrinkles around eyes (crow's feet): denote a rather dissatisfied with life. The lie in the forehead is not caused just by thinking pleasant and convenient. You see the gestures of your eyes when you discuss when you're not happy or satisfied or something. Avoiding wrinkles in the eye might be very easy if you are aware of how the face is often very tense situations that are caused by a somewhat inflexible attitudes that tend to be more creative of victim.

Eye gaze avoidance: where that eye contact is one of the most intimate forms of contact between two human beings (rather than verbal) is considered a very deep and intimate. Shyness, mistrust and guilt are the reasons for what one does not establish a direct eye contact and who is associated with insurance, who feels he is not good enough or rejected consistently avoided establishing an eye contact. This happens when no one elaborates on what he feels and thinks, so does not feel safe to engage.

Distant eyes and empty of expression: expressionless eyes denote a truly disconnected from what he feels. Exaggerating a bit, if you look at the eyes of people who suffer from some kind of illness, they'll look really disconnected from the world. The inability to relate to the emotions and sensations of real-life leads to this type of look.

Droopy eyelids: just to make contact with this kind of eyes we feel like a prayer of love and support. You can mask the emotional need or dependency after independence, but the eyes do not lie.

Dominant and tense look: This type of gaze belongs to those with a need to dominate and control everything. These attitudes reflect a character, basically, frustrated emotional level. That's why it has such people were not interested in what happens around them or what they feel the people they are related, see things from a very rational way, eliminating the feeling, and the hardness is looking not a defense to establish contact sentimental as this weak point.

Confusing look: This type of look spiced with feelings of pain and suffering. People with it, look and feel somehow trapped in some pain or some deep emotional problems.

Opaque, dull , with no life eyes: the lack of satisfaction and fulfillment are part of the nature of eyes that express a state of deep loneliness and unhappiness. Resignation to accept life in a way that does not meet, is one of the character traits of it.

Tight, with red veins, visible: a deep emotional pain that can lead to an attitude of excessive stress, insomnia, anxiety, loneliness, etc., causing the eye expression. The liver is very closely related to the eyes, when this fails, your eyes betray you immediately. When there is tension and emotional pain, there is excessive production of bile.

Moist, flexible, clean eyes: These eyes reflect not only adequate nutrition and good habits of the person as they are having a good rest, breathe properly and practice their creativity but the key to eyes and is the result of a calm and curious mind, a character who observes the life of a conscious, deep and creative.

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1 Reviews about What your eyes and gaze say about you
on 20/08/2015
I think it's definitely true that the eyes are the window to the soul, and people who really let their soul shine through their eyes, without trying to hide their emotions (either "negative" or "positive") really attract people. It's a sense of trust for open people.

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