Thermotherapy: effective therapy for back problems, skin and joints Thermotherapie: eine wirksame Therapie für Rücken, Haut und Gelenke Termoterapia: eficaz terapia para problemas de espalda, piel y articulaciones

» » » Thermotherapy: effective therapy for back problems, skin and joints

Thermotherapy: effective therapy for back problems, skin and joints

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Thermotherapy: effective therapy for back problems, skin and joints

Without the heat there could not keep a host of reactions both in nature and in our body. So it is not uncommon for many of the current alternative therapies we provide, among other things, a heat stimulus, which also is very pleasing to the patient, while very useful benefit, and to help resolve numerous diseases due to an imbalance in the homeostatic balance and energy of the body.

Body fluids reach every cell in the body bringing food and oxygen and heat. If our status as human beings has been successful in the evolutionary scale, this is because, among other things, human beings are capable of maintaining a constant temperature environment. The internal equilibrium of the human body depends on the temperature that keeps the body without conscious effort.

Thermotherapy is a completely natural therapy, which focuses on communicating heat to the body heat that turns out to be a primary stimulus of life and energy and can be transmitted to the body by many techniques, among which are the medicinal baths, the mud, the infrared and heat blankets.

Medicinal Baths

The thermotherapy has help of various tools to be carried out. These include the sauna, which is to concentrate heat, either dry or wet, in a closed timber in the form of a small room, where seats are at different heights, allowing the temperature gauge, because among higher the seat, the higher is the temperature.

Wet Sauna: the heat is concentrated in this place is vaporous and proceeds from some stones that are very hot inside the sauna, which are dipped in water with a certain regularity, which is often prepared with aromatic and medicinal herbs to enhance the medicinal effect of the bath. The temperature used in this bath is between 60 and 80 degrees centigrade. This aromatic heat is an effective means to communicate to the human body temperature, moreover, that this bath purifies the body because toxins are eliminated through sweat.

Dry Sauna: This bath is left to the hot stones emit heat without adding water, so this initial heat stimulates perspiration that detoxifies and cleanses the skin with depth. At the end of this bath, then water is added to the stones, the temperature rises and remains a period of time was less than that in the dry heat. This type of sauna is not recommended for people suffering from some sort of cardiac problem.

Both bathrooms are finished with a bath of cold water. Depending on where this is, this therapy may be supplemented with a massage with mud or essential oils, which can go at the beginning or end of the bath.

Thermotherapy with clay

When used in this type of clay therapy, as is usual and recommended start implementing the clay with the massage before bath. Rubbing skin with clay, besides being a very special exfoliating, is very nutritious for the skin, effects that are enhanced in the hot sauna.


Other ways to apply heat to the body are sludge and mud. In this case, its implementation is local in nature, being the most frequent application places the neck, shoulders and back.

The sludge is volcanic rock to be crushed into powder. These powders are used as is or mixed with paraffin or other elements that give them the appropriate density for its management and the approach to the desired temperature. The powders are melted and mixed between 55 and 75 degrees, the application must be with great caution not to injure the skin, should not be applied above 50 degrees. Of the sludge are conducted daily and in time periods of 20 to 40 minutes.

The sludge used especially in rheumatic diseases, joint injuries that occur and inflammatory back pain.


Infrared are highly effective therapeutic method for the processes of rehabilitation. It is used as a preparation for the implementation of other therapies such as massage or electrotherapy techniques or pre-stretching or muscle strengthening exercises, resulting in a preheat zone to treat or exercise, facilitating the rehabilitation process.

Hot Blankets

Among other alternatives there are hot blankets. These are easy to use and allow for proper control of temperature without any risk. This technique is especially beneficial in rheumatic and degenerative joint diseases. Like any application of dry heat, this therapy allows at the end of treatment experience a feeling of increased energy.

These blankets could cover the whole body or specific areas, so that the local or body temperature gradually rises and the heat desired.

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1 Reviews about Thermotherapy: effective therapy for back problems, skin and joints
on 30/08/2015
I am a huge fan of these types of therapies. We have a dry sauna at the house and it works WONDERS, especialliy in the winter time, with working tightness out of the muscles adn relaxing the mind and body. This is a wonderful therapy!

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