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Thermal theory of disease

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Thermal theory of disease

This theory, given the interpretation by Dr. Achara and naturopath Lazaeta Omar Deniz, states that disease does not actually exist and that there are accumulations of waste in the body which produce a series of diverse events to which the doctors called and classified under various names as diabetes, kidney stones, indigestion, rash, headaches, dermatitis, etc. . The theory explains that the diseases and ailments are a result of what is termed as "internal fever" which is produced in the abdominal area, where food is processed and blood accumulates in the process of elimination, which is why inflamed tissues are producing a kind of heat when you rub in the process of assimilation of food.

What causes this abdominal heat?

Abdomen is the area where food could be fermented to produce gases, acids and alcohol. This happens many times, say, in parameters that might be considered normal, however, when there is abused diet consuming certain foods or those that hinder rather than promote the vital functions of digestion, these parameters rise really causing severe disruption whole organism. A diet, for example, containing too many saturated fats, refined sugars, flours and processed products, proteins, etc. is one of the most common cause for the obstruction of the digestive work of the stomach, which really has to make considerable efforts to eliminate that harm the body and causes an imbalance. This great effort makes the stomach increase in heat (fever) as well as the digestion is slow and very heavy, can take even more than seven hours. If while the stomach is working hard, it is time for lunch and again one goes and sits down to eat another heavy meal, if you continue to add more fat and processed products even when the stomach ends of debris of food before, it will build up a series of toxic wastes in the body, besides the stomach will not to be doing a great effort, not even the time to process and remove as soon as consumed, occurs and that the food reaches down into the stomach. This heat, combined with the putrefaction of food, provides stomach a very suitable environment for the incubation of bacteria, parasites and bacteria of a series of innumerable aches, and pains, especially infections. The constant heat of the stomach is called internal fever, causing further weakening and tearing of tissues and membranes that cover the bodies. Being stomach unable to all contain toxins, the body seeks to accommodate the waste that has not been eliminated.

Where does the body send the excess toxins?

This is very variable, in each individual depends on the bodily constitution, genetics and heredity and the level of activity and tension. The body always seeks the most weakened to send the toxic there, and it does so wisely, to protect the organs and systems that work well. For example, if someone has had a lot of mental stress due to work or study, its weakness will be the head or eyes. If someone has been walking a lot or has been long standing, feet are weak. Someone very sedentary that remains seated long will have weakest point in the intestines or back. If we talk about genetics, heredity might have marked weaknesses, and that is why it is said that presents a "predisposition" to certain diseases because gases, acid and toxins accumulated in the body and more of these items will soon become an arthritis, colitis, diabetes, kidney problems, poor hearing or ear problems, inflammations, infections, gout, hepatitis, diverticulitis, dermatitis, psiorasis, etc., diseases which have their root in the same cause: an internal fever.

How to avoid Internal fever?

Lowering the level of heat in the stomach is only achieved by changing the environment of the stomach, to avoid an environment for germs that need moisture, warmth and nourishment. Certainly we cannot remove the moisture from food or stomach, but we can take heat. The main cause of heat in the stomach is due to eating habits, the lack of food consumption in the diet and lack of waste disposal in the body. A detoxification treatment is always recommended for any body who is not accustomed to a diet rich in fiber, mixed vegetables, fresh fruit and plenty of pure water. If you have any disease, try vegetarian diet, we suggest a week to try not to eat anything but fruits and vegetables, sprouted seeds (walnuts, almonds, etc) and water. You will feel by yourself the magnificent results of this cleansing diet.

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3 Reviews about Thermal theory of disease
on 28/09/2015
That's so interesting, and I wonder what the correlation is in Ayurvedic or Chinese medicine. I'm sure that both of these ancient, wise systems of medicine of some way of explaining this very condition, and it would be interesting to see how both of them interpreted this.
on 25/05/2014
you should re direct this to one of those articles that talk about the improtance of detoxing the body, you would help in that way
on 04/11/2013
I did not know that that long list of ailments were caused by the same problem, the internal fever sounds like something really serious, of course if it can cause even diabetes and things like that, I should have more caution when eating and cooking my food, I do not want to get into trouble

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