The world's biggest fair of organic products Die weltweit größte Messe für Bio-Produkte La mayor feria del mundo de productos ecológicos

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The world's biggest fair of organic products

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The world's biggest fair of organic products

The biggest fair of organic products in the world, Biofach, yesterday opened its doors to the public at Nuremberg (southern Germany) to the growing international demand for this type of food.

The eighteenth edition of the Biofach fair, 2455 exhibitors, two thirds from outside Germany, will demonstrate their products at a gross area of 79,860 square meters.

This exhibition can be seen until next Sunday showing organic food, natural cosmetics, garments and textile garments procedures that respect the environment and nature.

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) has representation in Biofach 2007, where Spain has a pavilion of 1,350 square meters and with the participation of the bodies of 14 regions and 130 organic products companies.

Director of communications in Biofach, Petra Trommer said "Spain is present in this exhibition with 217 companies and after Germany and Italy is the third most important."

A representation of the Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Spain (CCAE) will attend, which brings together 12 cooperatives, and to take a sample of 20 products.

Due to the strong growth of organic products throughout the world, the fair is held for years in other cities around the world. This year is in Sao Paulo (16-18 October) in Tokyo (October 10-12) at Baltimore (27-29 September) and for the first time in Shanghai (May 31-June 2).

Trommer found that increased international demand for organic foodstuffs is due mainly to health reasons, as many people care more for their health than before, and to enjoy, since they know better than conventional food.

Communications director of Biofach also cited, albeit to a lesser extent, the care for nature and the environment as one reason for the increased consumption of products from organic production.

This sharp increase in demand for organic products made in Germany, the birthplace of environmentalism, demand has outstripped supply and that sold all stocks of dairy products and cereals, for example, so must be imported from other countries, said Trommer.

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2 Reviews about The world's biggest fair of organic products
on 24/10/2015
This is absolutely incredible and Iwould LOVE to witness this, or walk through it and soak it all in. I would also really love it if the united states came up with a similar type of fair, it seems like all of these huge fairs are over-seas!
on 01/12/2013
I went to this fair once and it is like the perfect place for the people that want to change the world from their homes and the inner human, and thanks to this fair many people get informed about the good benefits of the environmental responsible consumption and production, it surely should be hold in more cities

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