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The wonders of lemon

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The wonders of lemon

Lemon is a citrus that you can take advantage from its branches, flowers and leave, its shell, its pulp and juice. And its seeds, which are developed and deworming purifiers.

Almost all diseases are connected to blood, blood affects our bodies, reactions, bone, systems, cells, and even in the teeth, nails and hair. Therefore, it is the blood which should be purified and refined to be healthy. For this, lemon is ideal for the amount of beneficial properties that have to debug and clean rotting tissue and intoxicants that to some extent "poison" the blood.

Benefits of lemon

  • Its main function, as mentioned, is the astringent, disinfectant and waste burner in the blood.
  • Helps greatly to the stomach acids and removes all harmful agents, in case of colitis, diarrhea, cramps, constipation, hemorrhoids, peritonitis, aneurysm, appendicitis, gas, and all those diseases related to the intestines and stomach.
  • The juice favors the elimination of uric acid, which causes arthritis and mucus.
  • Ideal for preventing atherosclerosis and heart problems
  • Great help in allergies which in most cases are due to contaminated blood and overly saturated with toxins.
  • Ideal in all cases of gallstones, diabetes, excess of bile in the gallbladder, hepatitis, bad breath.
  • Ideal for treating fungal spots, sores, helps close the pores and give smoothness to the skin.
  • To quickly heal any cut, squeeze a few drops of lemon on any wound.
  • It is an antibiotic, ideal for use in cases of flu, colds, cough, congestion, tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc.
  • To soothe: pain in the head, stomach, muscles, legs, joints, intestines.
  • Lemon combats wrinkles and rejuvenates the blood, tissues and cells.
  • Despite the bad reputation that is said regard the teeth, its juice fights cavities, stains on the teeth (the bleach) and helps reduce swollen gums.
  • Helps prevent hair loss: Can be used as a rinse down with a little water, this will also give the hair shine and help to fight dandruff and seborrhea, and it nourishes the scalp.
  • If you want to sleep peacefully, try a hot tea leaves with lemon juice squeezed from a lemon.

Other uses:

  • Its flowers are used in aromatherapy and have disinfectant properties, reduce swelling and are relaxing.
  • With its leaves, the oil can be found which is refreshing to the skin and hair.
  • It is a good conservative and is widely used in beauty products.

Beauty tips and health with a lemon

First of all I recommend you every morning drink the juice of two lemons cut in half cup of warm water. Do not eat anything until after 20 minutes. If your body is polluted or heavily saturated with toxins, it is likely that in the days after perhaps you feel a little abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea perhaps. Do not worry and still keep taking it, the lemon will be removing and purifying your body, and symptoms do not mean that you fall ill or heavy, or is too "acid", it is planned to be common. You must know that the lemon becomes alkaline, i.e. becomes acid when it enters into your body. Therefore, do not be afraid of lemon or reactions you may experience if you've never taken. You'll see that depending on how saturated your body is, you very soon will see the wonder that this simple recipe because the health of your body, your nervous system will be much healthier, especially your blood will be spread throughout your cleansed body.

  • If your gums bleed, dissolve a few drops of lemon quarter in cold water and use it as mouthwash. You can also spread a little of this mixture on your index finger and, after using the floss and have your teeth cleaned, give a massage to your gums. Notice yourself improving as the state of your mouth.
  • One day you have time, after showering, rinse with a mixture of three lemons dissolved in two or three liters of cold water. Do not wash. Spread your normal cream or oil. This is ideal for the skin.
  • Got fungi? Take a foot bath in a tub with two liters of water is warmer, dissolved the juice of three lemons and soak your feet there for five minutes. Do not perform rinsing, and leave drying in air. Repeat this as many times as you like.
  • Headaches? It is said that if you take five lemon juice every morning, five more before lunch, and another five before dinner, the headaches will disappear from your life very soon.

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4 Reviews about The wonders of lemon
on 19/10/2015
Lemons are pretty amazing, and the benefits listed are really just a small reflection of the things that lemons can do. They are very powerful fruits. I used to drink lemon tea every morning when I got up, and I think it was really good at regulating my bowels, I should start doing that again.
on 18/11/2013
The lemon should be the favorite fruit of all the people but I am not sure if it is, haha maybe because of the taste or the acidity it has lost the huge group of people who thought that lemon was the solution for many problems, but now that we are entering in this natural world, we should have our ally the lemon
on 24/06/2011
Para conocer mas de todos los beneficios que tengan para ayudarnos de recetas caceras
on 24/06/2011
Para conocer mas de todos los beneficios que tengan para ayudarnos de recetas caceras

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