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The wonders of argan oil in your skin

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The wonders of argan oil in your skin

This popular oil of the southwestern Morocco comprises a 80% of essential fatty acids (50%  linoleic acid, alpha 15%, 12% oleic acid, 1% arachidonic acid, gamma acid 3%), and also contains large amounts of vitamin E (three times more than olive oil) and phytosteroles (D-7steroles). This oil is valued by cosmetologists for its anti-aging effect, and the amount of antioxidants, it has extraordinary healing powers, and has antiseptic and fungicide that is placed with valuable not only for cosmetics, but for the nutrition of the whole skin.

Argan oil is useful for:

  • Acne Treatments, Fighting wrinkles
  • Nourishing the skin
  • Relieving wounds in the dermis
  • Alleviate the severe burns from sun exposure
  • Fight skin diseases such as neurodermis and psiorasis
  • Helps to regenerate the tissue of the dermis (skin rejuvenation)
  • Fade wrinkles
  • Stimulates the growth of new cells

Where does this oil is extracted?

This wonderful oil is extracted from the fruits of an Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) is one of the world's most expensive oil for the functions listed above. In Morocco, it is known as gold liquid of Morocco.

Types of argan oil

There are two types of argan oil: natural oil, cold pressed and type "Berber" is cold pressed from roasted seeds. Due to high demand, oil is scarce and is manipulated and blended with other oils and substances of lower quality for sale.

Argan tree

Comes from a leathery-leaved tree that has small yellow flowers and fruit in the form of dates with lemon color, is a slow growing tree, it takes about five or six years to give its first fruit.

Argan tree lives in Morocco and in certain areas of Mexico and Spain. It is very heat resistant, can withstand temperatures up to 50 ° C and can reach a height of up to 8 or 10 m. Its trunk is short and crooked. And it grows in areas of dry climate and altitude not exceeding 800m. Its roots are deep, up to 10m deep, so stand well with a good pair of rain per year. Over time loses its dry leaves, avoiding excessive sweating, to return to retrieve the first rains.

Fruit tree

Its fruits have in the form of yellow dates, which is where this special oil is extracted. The fruit begins to mature in the first heats of June, and its fruits are traditionally harvested by the goats. It happens that when the grass is scarce, the goats climb trees to eat its tender leaves and fruits. At night, back in the fold, the goats began to chew and spit the bones of the fruit, large bones as hard as acorns and almonds. These are the bones with the oil. Another way of collecting is to collect directly from the soil, wait until dry and then peel them and remove the bone.

Cosmetic Argan Oil

This oil is widely used as key components in many cosmetic products, mainly because it is a powerful skin regenerator and regenerator and trim hair, helps eliminate the appearance brittle, dry and dull, and it feeds deeply.

This oil can be found in creams, tonics, oils, soaps, shampoo and its 100% natural and pure, in shops of all kinds. The use of oil also helps to prevent the proliferation of fungi and skin infections.

If you are going to be in the sun too long or if your job requires prolonged exposure to sunlight, do not hesitate to buy creams that contain oil, which prevent your skin hurting.

We can find it a very beneficial oil for the nails, if mixed with some drops of olive oil and lemon, we get a mix of great benefit to your nails yo become stronger, silky and healthy. It is strong if mixed with lemon.

Beauty Mask

If mixing one tablespoon of oil in its pure form (not mixed) with two tablespoons of natural yogurt and a bit of oat flakes, you get a very effective mask to nourish and beautify your skin and hair. Try spreading this mask twice a week, wash your skin well and then apply your entire face, neck and hair. Leave everything as long as possible and then wash. If you want to combat acne or infections of the skin, mix one teaspoon of this oil with the juice of half lemon and smear on your skin carefully.

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3 Reviews about The wonders of argan oil in your skin
on 20/09/2014
Oh wow! I didn't know you could use argan oil on your face too! I've been using it on my hair for a few years, not only is it super effective, but it just smells so wonderful! we have actually used it for a massage oil before, and it is really effective in that way, so I guess I just didn't think about using it the way the article mentions too.
on 23/06/2014
on 02/09/2013
I have tried the oil, just a time though, and it was something different and especial, like very healthy and pure, but just as you say, it was pretty expensive so I have not gotten the opportunity to get more, and before I did not know the importance and the benefits of it

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