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The skin of men

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The skin of men

The skin of men is not equal to the skin of women; the men tend to have much more fat, in addition, their pores are considerably wider and tend to dry out more easily. Men, you might say, would have to take care of their skin as much or more than women, but most beauty products are focused on female beauty. Men are so concerned with their appearance as women, like the vast majority feel and look their best.

So this time, we will focus exclusively on the skin of the gentleman, taking into account, of course, that the skin of men and women must look "different", i.e. a very cared skin in a male could look "feminine", so you should give the necessary care for health and welfare of the skin, but not losing its hue and attractive look that women like.


Cleaning is a critical factor for all skin types. If hot weather, you need to moisturize well to avoid dryness. For this, it is recommended that whenever you can, wet your face with water and then apply a moisturizer such as aloe or honey, which will help keep your skin fresh and cool. It is also necessary that your intestines are clean, as health problems of the skin are closely related to the colon and blood. If they are clean, your skin will reflect it. And to keep the bowel clean, drink fresh vegetable juices, especially carrot which is excellent for the skin.

Acne, pimples and blackheads

If you want to avoid such outbreaks or you are likely having them, it is necessary exfoliating your skin well with good clay every two weeks. Green clay is the best for the skin as it regulates the pH of the skin and prevents outbreaks and other conditions. You must apply it lightly rubbing your face (do not rub, just smear, if there are outbreaks). Leave until dry and then wash with mineral water or bathe. If you don’t have clay, anyway you try to exfoliate your face.


This is important even if you don’t have pimples and your skin is healthy. A good scrub once a month will help remove dead cells and make your skin smoother and prevent outbreaks. Clay is a good scrub, but you can try any other alternative, such as scrubs with jojoba (which is excellent for the skin) or with grains of sugar on your skin by rubbing gently while you bathe, or oatmeal a little granulated. You need to exfoliate your skin to release the dirt that is stuck in the pores and prevent future outbreaks and infections. Never exfoliate your skin before or after shaving because the skin is very sensitive and may be damaged.

Sun exposure

Men's skin also tends to stain and deteriorate with the sun. You need to apply sunscreen if you will be exposed to the sun, particularly if you do sports or outdoor activities. In addition to applying sunscreen, use some kind of hat, and frequently moisturize your face with aloe. You must also drink lots of water so your skin is well moisturized, and moisture lost in the sun can be replaced quickly. Avoid the sun between ten o'clock in the morning and three in the afternoon, which is when UV rays are strongest.


If you have sun spots, apply cream or tepezcohuite-pearl, and avoid being long periods under direct sunlight, which accentuate the spots. You must let your skin rest of the sun for 30 minutes.


It’s the best thing to do in the morning, because the muscles are relaxed and you can shave more easily. Use hot water to the top as this helps to dilate the pores, so many men shave during bath time. If you're going to shave while you bathe, do it after you've bathed, your pores will be well dilated. It is not advisable to shave at night because you can sleep with open pores and this can cause an infection by rubbing against the blankets.

To shave, apply foam or soap, and let act a minute to soften the beard. Soak the razor to shave with hot water and then start shaving, being in sideburns and continue in the direction of hair growth. After the shave, don’t dry razor blades, clean and let it dry. Remember to change it every two or three times of use. When finished, dry your face without rubbing, making short strokes with the towel. Then apply a tonic and a special moisturizer to finish.

Dry skin

If you tend to have dry face, it is necessary, above all, avoid severe exposure to sun, chlorinated water and soaps (except neutral) and apply a moisturizer at least three times a day, washing your face beforehand. You should try to pay attention to your diet because it is more likely that you are missing special skin fat: include almonds, vegetable oils and milk, oily fish, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables, etc.., which nourish the skin and help replenish the natural oils. Avoid using alcohol toners and moisturizers that are not 100% natural.


Wrinkles can be attractive because they give a special touch to the face. However, when the wrinkles are many or are prematurely, you can reduce using aloe cream, and hydrating and exfoliating your face. If you want a better appearance or rejuvenate your face, apply a mask of plain yogurt with honey, 1 time a week. Let the yogurt to dry and then clean your face perfectly. In addition, attempt to include in your diet foods high in antioxidants like goji berries, citrus, strawberries, soybeans, etc.

Emotions and skin problems

If you are very tense or are prone to things you dislike, then of course your skin will suffer. So if you have "tried everything" and nothing works for you to have a good skin, or you suffer dermatitis or other problems, look at your emotional world, understand what you feel and learn to feel more joyful. This is undoubtedly the key for a healthy and attractive face.

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3 Reviews about The skin of men
on 19/09/2014
My fiance has a really hard time with getting ingrown hairs on his neck after shaving. We've tried changing his shaving gel, using special soaps and lotions, and he still gets such painful, irritated dots on his skin just days after he shaves. I'll let him know not to shave at night though, I didn't know that it could have that effect.
on 30/05/2014
most man must think that this is useless but when they reach an specific age, surely they will regret thinking that, I'm not one of those men..
on 29/04/2013
I?m aware that the men skin is different and that?s why many women like it, but surely you have to take care of it if you want to look young for a long time, I think that eating habits may be enough but including one or two of these recommendations could help you to have a nicer skin which can help you get the girl you want

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