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The secret to the Health of your heart

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The secret to the Health of your heart

Our heart is not only the organ that works tirelessly day and night throughout our lives, making blood flow and nutrients to all parts of the body, but is the center of feeling, that while it originates in the brain, the heart is the organ recipient, allowing us to feel, among other things, alive, excited and in love flowing to the heart where the most powerful energy of all is: love.

However, the heart doesn’t always seems to be happy and for any reason, it hurts, feels tired, unmotivated, somehow wants to tell that something not right about us, and then it is necessary to give immediate attention.

Heart can hurt by many issues: whether the pain comes from emotional experiences, such as the breakdown of a relationship, the loss of a loved one or the experience of difficult situations or conflict, it can also hurt due to imbalances as the constant physical stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, etc., conditions that can manifest in a variety of cardiovascular diseases ranging from a problems and poor circulation of blood to cholesterol problems, cardiac arrhythmias , heart failure, angina pectoris, tachycardia, and so on. All these diseases, we know, do not only affect the heart but the whole body in general.

What is the main cause of suffering in the heart?

If we sum up all the care we give to every part of our body, the result could be in the heart. It is here where we can not only feel those oversights in food, and other habits, but mainly this is where we noticed the effects of stress, the resentment and guilt, the hardness or rigidity of character. But above all, the heart feels the effects of non-happiness. And if our hearts had to answer the question of title could easily do it in terms of their health status.

The reason of deepest pain of the heart

If we were to the deepest root of heart disease, we would find ourselves with one reason being that we are not happy enough. The happiness cannot be interpreted by our heart in many ways: it knows that we are not happy when we criticize, condemn or feel that something is very wrong within us, and then we often feel guilty, we are slighted and do less. These attitudes, which make us feel valuable and little in a state of constant dissatisfaction and loneliness, are carrying some form of unconscious attitudes that have some kind of "protest" to us as neglect and lifestyle, we become perfectionist and hard, exaggerating at work, food and stimulants such as alcohol or drugs, or we are often in situations that cause us distress and tension.

The key to healing the heart

The key to cure all diseases of the heart would be really excited and adapted to the place, work and relationships with those who live day to day. Which is not really excited and motivated with your environment, you do not know what to do for a solution to what causes conflict and makes you feel demotivated and not happy, then start to have a tired and depressed mood, which mood reflected in their personal care in their food, their attitudes (will become aggressive, unhappy, hopeless), will not share or want to experience new things. One day, your heart will go out when you feel exhausted and tired of living under demand and insecurity.

What to do?

Give value to what really worth it. And if you really want to heal your heart from its deepest causes, and not rely on medicines, syrups, doctors and pills, you would start by a profound reassessment of what needs to your life, those that make you feel good and those that make you feel bad. You should see how excited you are doing what you do and having the relationships you have. If you're living with a focus on competition in the complacency of others, and the requirement for a constant voltage, either economic or social, then you're probably squeezing most of the joy in exchange for recognition. You are leaving aside the simple details of the day, as the share, joy, love, smile, and these are the little things that feed your heart.

What to do? No, you do not have to quit your job or leave home or start a new life. You could, for example, begin by considering a new approach in your life, because is not what you do, remember, but how you do. And you could start eating better, doing a little exercise, learning with readings that will enrich your spirit, because the educational knowledge strengthens the heart, motivates you toward a life of greater joy and satisfaction.

General and natural remedies to help restore the joy of the heart

Low consumption of salt, saturated fats, white sugar (soft drinks, sweets, chocolates, etc.) and canned or sausage.

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3 Reviews about The secret to the Health of your heart
on 09/08/2015
I totally agree. I think there's a reason that through all this time, and so many cultures, the heart was associated with emotions, with feelings, and that's because I really think it DOES damage the heart when we're sad, or stressed, or down in any way
on 29/06/2014
thanks a lot for all the recommendations and btw amazing picture!
on 01/09/2013
It is quite important organ, maybe it does not really feel when we are sad or anything but yes it hurts, all the body is connected and the heart is the organ that hurts when you are very worried, this is why we represent the feeling with the heart, and the heart can be physically hurt if we have too many bad feelings

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