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The secret of the will

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The secret of the will

It is said that you need to have will to make a diet, to follow a regular exercise routine, to do a job and perform everyday tasks, in exchange for getting the desired results. In one of the many meanings attributed to it, we find that the will is the ability to perform actions contrary to our immediate trends at a given time; this determination seems to be essential for the development of human being, because without it we could not get neither the aims nor the things we really want or we will.

But how many times we give up trying to achieve something? How many times have we actually achieved to get where we want? Why sometimes it costs so much what we intend to continue?

About will

There are many definitions about the will, and great thinkers and philosophers of all time have spoken of it in their most representative works. Arthur Schopenhauer said: "The will is the underlying reality to all perceptions”. Moreover, Didac Gonzalez said that "the will is the power of choice of conscience, we are able to do what we really want." (This paragraph has been taken from Wipidedia)

However, most believe that the will refers to a constant effort that remains focused on achieving a goal, it is said that when one will can get what is being proposed. Thus, we say: "I am going to lose weight," or "I'm going to get a job" or "I will write the best novel” And all these dreams would undoubtedly ephemeral and unattainable if the mind (we can say that the mind is what we think) was not driven by the driving force of will.

Why sometimes it is hard to have will?

Goals could get something every day if we were in the process with a series of obstacles and problems which we must confront. It is here where in fact it seems to play which we are or what we have dreamed. And then it seems that the path is opened in two or goes for what we want and become makers of dreams, or we back and we became impractical dreamers.

You remember any occasion where you propose something and where you are in that moment of doubt and thought: Can I? And from where I'm going to make now the time, money, etc. I need? What if, if have a little cake, nobody sees me.

In fact, when we are facing with this dilemma, we are finding, say, our limits of resolution, and this is where our creativity, ingenuity, intelligence, patience and all our righteous experience is at stake. And it is here where we can fail, or continue in a decisive way, because that's really where we are confronted with what is called believing in yourself. Because we are strengthening the confidence in what we are.

The defining moment

Winning a "barrier" does not make a blind effort to accomplish something, or have to put up or make an extreme sacrifice in return for a result. That would saying that one has to become inflexible or hard of thought and action.

In fact, will has nothing to do with being inflexible and hard, but someone very strong in mind and strong to say that one can move in many ways and think in new ways, without losing sight of what it yearns. Being strong means having a strong mind, because in reality, when you're faced with an obstacle, it is as if you stumble across something you say in secret: "Let's see how much you want what you want" It is now when you experience things that could look very obvious, very hard, very new or different from the ordinary. Then the alternative that appears as a means to bring you anywhere, becomes something that is left to pass.

The secret of the will

They say: keep one thought in your mind and do not drop until you see it done. This is the maximum of the men who really stand out. So if you already have in mind what you want to achieve, then remember to be very flexible and try new things, avoid blame, or punish if you fail. Occasionally, accept your weaknesses and your achievements, but do not forget to take by force what you really want.

Someone wise has said: "The resolution is what denotes the greatness, not the low resolution or the tibias determinations, but the indefatigable and reece will ... turn your eyes and brain with a display of arrogance against the unattainable. The gigantic will to men"

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2 Reviews about The secret of the will
on 08/07/2014
The question of will is a strange one. There's a conundrum, right? When it comes to the question of accepting life as it comes (a very 'zen' focus), versus this very pushy, aggressive mindset that involves "will". I think there's a happy medium between will and acceptance, and in order to keep your spirits high (and feed the fire of will), you must temper this with a rational degree of acceptance and peace as well...otherwise the whole ordeal becomes twisted, and you're no longer enjoying the process, but instead have become some crazy person after a goal.
on 01/09/2013
The will is something almost unbelievable, It is very important in the human mind, you need to resist, to be better and to try new things and of course to follow your dreams and whatever you what to achieve in your life, do not hesitate if the times look hard and just try to grow up as much as you can

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