The rice diet and heart health Die Reis Diät und die Gesundheit des Herzens La dieta del Arroz y la Salud del Corazón

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The rice diet and heart health

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The rice diet and heart health

One of the most useful and beneficial diets for the proper functioning and care of heart is the rice diet, because its starches regulate and balance their proper functioning. This is recommended especially for people suffering from hypertension and cardiovascular system abnormalities. Also recommended for people who want to lose weight or has problems with cholesterol or triglycerides, or those who simply wish to debug their body and intestines to better overall health.

The function of the heart and intestines

The colon is an organ that is closely related to heart function, if the intestines are overloaded with toxins, gases and toxic wastes affect the normal functions of the heart, especially when there is the presence of diverticula. The intestines saturated results in, among other things, being overweight, which is especially harmful and severely affect the normal functions of the heart.

This diet will help cleanse the intestines and assist in strengthening the cardiovascular system. 

Properties of rice

Rice is a cereal with lots of nutrition, especially rice is rich source of vitamins, minerals and natural fiber, also a cereal that contains no gluten or allergenic, so people who are celiac (intolerant gluten) can consume it. Brown rice contains much more sodium, iron and calcium than the polished rice and more protein because it is not refined, however, consider that brown rice takes about 3 hours to digest more than white rice, which only takes two.

How should I do the diet?

If you plan to carry out this diet, it is best to observe how your body responds to the 2 or 3 days after you have started, if you notice any abnormalities such as excess gas, you must seek professional advice for diet suits organism.

Rice Diet

You prepare small meals throughout the day as follows: 

Breakfast or first thing in the morning:  Choose a fruit in the morning, preferably a papaya or citrus.

Mid-morning or lunch (must have spent at least 1 ½ hours after the first meal): One cup of steamed rice with some vegetables of your choice, garnished with a few drops of lemon and salt-free soy sauce or low sodium. The vegetables should not be cooked thoroughly, that it is soft but not be undone.

Main meal: Make a salad rich in fresh vegetables. This salad should be varied each day, choosing different vegetables, but try include the carrot and sprouts daily. If you do not have time to prepare a big bowl of salad, you can substitute the salad for a pint of fresh vegetable juice, which are rooted carrots and sprouts.

One cup of steamed brown rice with three tablespoons of cottage cheese, tofu or goat cheese. You can vary the cheese a few days for an egg.

Snack: Bowl of steamed vegetables and tea to taste.

Dinner: An apple and two nuts.

How do you prepare steamed rice?

It's simple to prepare, just follow these few steps:


  • A measure of long grain rice or brown
  • Same measure of water


  1. Wash rice and put it far to soak in cold water for 10 minutes.
  2. Once done, pour the rice in a colander and wash under running tap water.
  3. Drain and put in a pot with 1 part water (the same one you used to measure the rice).
  4. Put the pot on high heat and wait until boiling. At that time the pot lid and lower the flame to a minimum.
  5. Let it cook for about 10 minutes.
  6. Turn off and let stand another 12 minutes without uncovering.
  7. VARIATION: If you want to add some vegetables, do so at the time you put on to cook the rice, this should already be washed and cut into small cubes. And presto!

If you follow the diet to the letter, about a month or above, you will see a favorable change in weight, high blood pressure down to 50 or more points (it should be remember that being overweight puts the heart to work more effort), in addition, abnormalities of the heart have begun to be corrected. There will be a really noticeable change in the overall health of the body including the skin's appearance and improved defense system will be strengthened.

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2 Reviews about The rice diet and heart health
on 29/04/2015
Interesting, I've never heard of the rice diet before, but it's an interesting concept to think about. I do know that rice milk is fairly easy for the body to process, and it's also super easy to prepare. I don't have any heart issues, but I would be interested in trying out this diet for a few days just to see how my body reacts.
on 01/06/2013
I?m getting worried about my heart and I think is time to change some habits like eating too much junk and that kind of things, there are some things I can do to change this like including more food that help my system. I think that rice is a good choice as for example, Asian people consume a lot of it and they tend to be skinny

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