The Properties of Soy Sprouts Die Eigenschaften von Soja-Sprossen Las Propiedades del Germinado de Soja

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The Properties of Soy Sprouts

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The Properties of Soy Sprouts

Sprouts are an excellent source of vitality and nutrition that cannot be missing in a healthy and balanced diet. Soybean sprouts, also called "dragon's teeth", contain vitamins, minerals, are low in calories and have no cholesterol.

A perfect addition to salads, they are easy to digest and can be germinated well at home, with a little dedication. Actually, soy sprouts are germinated from mung beans, a variety of small green beans from India.

Nutritional properties of Soy Sprouts

Soy sprouts are richer in water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll than soy beans, which make them more similar to vegetables. They are easier to digest than vegetables, so they are recommended for those people who cannot eat the latter.

They are low in calories: Every 100 grams of soy sprouts provides 36 calories, so it is a food recommended for diets. They also provide fibre that helps fight constipation, improves digestion and promotes satiety, or the feeling of being full.

Rich source of Vitamin C: This vitamin has antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals, so it is useful against ageing. The body cannot produce this vitamin, so every day we should consume foods containing it, to meet the daily reccomended amounts.

They are good for bone tissue: Provides phosphorus, which promotes healthy bones, teeth and muscle tissue formation. This mineral works together with calcium and both enhances its virtues in the body, as well as being useful for memory enhancing.

They are Pure Energy: They provide carbohydrates to the body, which help to perform our daily activities. All sprouts are considered foods that contain vital essence, and therefore provide energy to the body.

Improved cardiac performance: Soy sprouts sprouts contain potassium, which influences the contraction and relaxation of muscle fibres, including the heart muscle, and that's why potassium is usually recommended when you get cramps.

Prevent anemia: Iron content and folic acid helps prevent anemia, so it is recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women. In smokers,they are also recommended as they improve the absorption of folic acid. Furthermore, they contain Vitamin K, which promotes clotting.

Promotes women's health: Soy contains isoflavons that improve menopausal symptoms and therefore are recommended for women who are at this stage.

Against Depression: For a source of magnesium, soy sprouts, act naturally to calm the body; they are appropriate to combat stress, induce relaxation and help to maintain a stable blood pressure.

Good for vision: They are rich in vitamin A, which prevents changes in vision, such as glaucoma and cataracts. They also affect bone and skin health, as they keep the skin hydrated and give it more elasticity.

How to enjoy soy sprouts

  • At the time of purchase, we must consider that they should be very fresh.
  • They must be consumed at the time and avoid reserving them for long periods of time, since in this way they are oxidised and lose some of their nutritional properties.
  • They can be eaten raw or cooked.
  • The raw sprouted retains its properties, so if you cook it, try cooking only for a short time.
  • It is an ideal ingredient to mix with other vegetables, either in salads or in oriental preparations such as chop suey.

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5 Reviews about The Properties of Soy Sprouts
on 05/06/2016
I had no idea these little sprouts were so good for us! They are really easy to produce at home, just stick mung beans in some water (make sure they are fully immersed to avoid mold forming) and you will begin to see the little sprouts appearing in just a few days! You can also buy them from the supermarket too, but that's not as fun. Thanks for the information - I enjoyed reading this article.
on 05/08/2014
Are sprouts hard to "make"? I know the process is fairly simple, but I wonder if they have to have just the right amount of moisture, temperature, etc. I'd be afraid of them somehow going bad, and eating them without really knowing... I guess I'll try making my own sprouts, because they go bad so quickly from the store. You can really only keep them for 2 or 3 days. But they sound very healthy, thanks.
on 01/06/2014
this article is short and precise, I love it as much as I love the sprouts, they are delicious...
on 04/08/2013
Looking at the many good properties of the soy and particullary soy sproundt is hard to think that they are not good for your health as contain so many benefits that could be your only food, right? wellyou need to combine and all the things but including soy and even changing meat for soy consumption is one of the best choices you could even make
on 22/05/2013
I like sprouts, especially soy sprouts because they are like juicy, I do not how to explain, I prepare them frying in some oil or butter and just for a couple of minutes, they are crunchy and delicious! You should try them! And recommenI like sprouts, especially soy sprouts because they are like juicy, I do not how to explain, I prepare them frying in some oil or butter and just for a couple of minutes, they are crunchy and delicious! You should try them! And recommend me more recipes if you know oned me more recipes if you know one

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