The Power of Energy Medicine Die Macht der Energie-Medizin El poder de la Medicina Energética

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The Power of Energy Medicine

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The Power of Energy Medicine

Human being would be an agglomeration of proteins, but flesh and blood is animated by a vital force that organizes and maintains smooth operation in the molecular components that give it a lively pulse.

This is the life force that gives all living a spiritual dimension, which is reflected in man as a being who breathes and moves, feels, thinks.

This force vital is essential part of human existence, it is something that should be taken into account to understand the fundamental nature of health, illness and all aspects related to growth and the harmonious integration of the individual.

What is energy medicine?

It is the medicine that considers all the bodies of the individual for healing from its physical body to its mental and spiritual body.

Energy medicine recognizes that we are not only a body of flesh and bone, but we are also mental and spiritual beings, a set of energy systems in constant interaction. This medicine does not only admit that the mind can influence mechanisms that regulate a person's health but the health is very well connected with deeper aspects involved in where is the conscience of the individual.

Physics and medicine

Quantum physics has proven, in terms of particles that all matter is really energy and that at some point this energy, there is nothing. This can be somewhat complex to explain in so short a space, however, summing up a little earlier and by the end of this article, the above shows to some extent that the body is a constantly changing energy directed by a will.

Energy Medicine admits the enormous importance of the influence of thoughts and consciousness of human beings on the body, it recognizes that the mind is the main driver in the behavior of the body and one's relation to reality around it are really important factors when considering the disease.

Hence, in vibrational medicine therapy are taken into account all aspects of the individual for their complete healing, how they think, what they feel, and their attitude and philosophy in certain circumstances and experiences of their life. In energy medicine, eradicating a disease "means going to the root causes, and consider not only the symptoms of the body and concentrate on making the symptoms disappear to restore vital balance to the body, it is not consider all aspects involved in the overall individual, it is very likely to result in the disease will not disappear, but that often seems to worsen or even strengthened, and then who have the disease need to become addicted to drugs and treatments for life.

New science and medicine

Conventional medicine, pharmacology and surgery have served to help millions of people who have needed it, in addition, medical science has helped to eradicate many of the ailments and epidemics around the world.

However, science has been devoted to meeting with the small lens of its microscope to look the mechanisms that cause disease, often leaving behind all those other factors, such as the mind and the consciousness of the individual, influencing the mechanisms that regulate the balance of the body.

Alternative therapies

Many of the natural or alternative medicine therapies such as reiki, the bioenergetics, reflexology, etc., are alternatives that help us find or dissolve the root causes of disease from the point of natural status of Individual, but the man who has created a number of imbalances and misalignments due to the surface on which culture is living, due to the inability to deepen the self and take a fuller awareness of what is truth.

Health is the natural state of all living: nature always tends to balance, to find a way, the harmonic relationship and movement, the problem is that there is too much unnecessary information and a great lack of understanding that causes the individual to resist or break their spontaneous nature. If we approach the energy medicine, we can greatly help not only feel better physically and eradicate the disease, but to help us find a deeper sense, joyful and enriching of life.

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3 Reviews about The Power of Energy Medicine
on 20/08/2015
I completely agree that energy can either create or heal a lot of our diseases. If you can change your mindset and the flow and direction of your energy, you can heal a lot of the mental disease that exists within, and therefore heal the physical malady as well.
on 07/07/2014
this is truly amazing...

hey, where can I find a book talking about it? could you give me the title at least?

on 29/09/2013

I lived many years believing that the only answer was in the common and normal medicine, which as you said, it is pretty helpful but needs a better approach talking of the inner human being, then the combination of both medicines should be the true approach to the overall health

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