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The power and beauty of Menopause

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The power and beauty of Menopause

In all forms of nature, we can see that maturity is a period of softening, opening, when something is "ready" to be eaten, enjoyed or it shows off its beauty. Maturity opens flowers, and sweetens fruits to eat.

In all forms of nature, maturity is the moment of completion. But something seems to have changed the beauty of this pattern in some women, because women despite being part of the exotic and mysterious nature, menopause is associated with something bad, filled with unpleasant symptoms and ailments of all kinds, with bad emotions such as anxiety, nervousness, etc., and also a number of unattractive physical changes.

What makes this stage so unattractive in many women?

Judgment and prejudice

A fruit, for example, does not make judgments of any stage; a fruit is simply shown and sweetens its natural process.

A fruit has no idea of what it means to be tested in laboratory and constant checks, it does not know what anxiety or insomnia is. Have you ever seen an apple losing sleep because it is in the "menopause"?

The human mind has been responsible for converting the natural beauty of life in problems, mechanical, tired, not enjoyable and often costly and difficult things. Often, the same medicine is responsible for treating the body as a set of symptoms and boxes them into something very trivial and makes the life of the body very predictable and not very fascinating and mysterious.

Apples, for example, have neither time nor a mind (or brain) to believe what people say, nor can make groups to study "their behavior" or their bodies, or put to ponder what "is wrong or good” in them. This perhaps could be the secret of happiness that lies in nature, not having to think, comparing or dealing with much information or what others say or think may be the secret of happiness of the apples. The joy of an apple may lie in the fact that it doesn’t have a mind.

Yet, human beings have been given a mind which should be used not only to record and store information, but to decide about this information and can even accommodate and create great realities and experiences. Having a mind is one of the most amazing gifts with which nature privileged human being, because it has given the most powerful creative and mysterious tool of all.

Thus, an apple may be very happy of not having a mind. And yet, a woman has the potential to be infinitely happier than an apple because she has a mind which can bring the joys and experiences that she wants.

The problem with having a mind, especially in these very turbulent times of information, is that instead of using this powerful and wonderful tool called creative mind to create realities, we use it just like a drawer for storing information and memories, to drop into it what others say and think.

Thus, it is said that menopause is a time in the woman's life when she suffers certain things as the period has ceased in their lives, and medicine is in charge of making long lists of how to treat anxiety, tension, sleeplessness, lack of sexual appetite, etc., then the woman comes and reads everything that happens to women at this stage, and begins to worry, to find remedies and solutions, to make checks and others things. The same happens, for example, in adolescence, when they say that "young people will be rebel, unbearable and it’s a difficult time”.

Aren’t we who are accepting and nurturing these theories?

Both in adolescence and menopause, changes occur, and if something makes them difficult is the way in which we are treating them now.

There are so many prejudices on all sides that the beauties and mysteries of the body are buried under all these concepts that society creates, we need to understand and make conscious that we are creating our realities every time we admit that something is "difficult, annoying, bad and more”. We often forget that the mind can lead not only to great realities but to beautiful, strong and happy bodies in all its stages.

Even though the woman's body undergoes changes at this stage, women should stop worrying about "what they are going to suffer or lose" and pay more attention to what they are going to win and begin to pay attention to what makes them really happy. Activate your imagination and sensitivity to the maximum by starting new things, this will further develop your creative daring to create and learn new things, love and appreciate more and start habits such as eating and living healthy so that your creativity can function at its full potential, and your mind and heart begin to blossom and show the beauties.

Happiness and joy create substances in the brain that pharmacies sell at high costs, anxiolytics and sleeping medication. Aches, pains, anxieties and more can be avoided with a joyful, creative and simple spirit. If a woman forgets about the "stages" and focuses more on knowing and loving, then maybe her pain will turn into flowers to give to others.

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2 Reviews about The power and beauty of Menopause
on 13/08/2014
Such an interesting article!! I know my mother and my grandmother both struggled with menopause, saying it made them "crazy". I always felt like they were already crazy, menopause just gave them an excuse to stop trying to hide it. I've also read that the ups and downs, the turbulence, associated with menopause is a sign of poor health. This is believable I think...ever since I've started taking better care of myself, I don't experience even a portion of the "swings" I used to during menstruation. I think menopause is something similar.
on 14/02/2013
I think that every stage of the human?s life is very important since we only have one life and every second is important. We should nourish our mind with books about this topic. It?s good to know that menopause is a natural process which is not bad or good but just something we should live and even enjoy.

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