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The perfect breakfast

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The perfect breakfast

Have you ever asked if the breakfast you take contains all the nutrients your body needs in order to start the morning with energy? Or maybe you are someone who just take a glass of milk or yogurt because you are late to work or college.

Today we will discover what are the vitamins, minerals, and protein that an ideal breakfast must contain. That one that gives us all strength to face the problems of a day overloaded with work and inevitable stress.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and the principal, remember that before the body was asleep, and many of our brain functions as well, so we need to re-activate energy intake.

Various studies demonstrated that the first meal of the day helps children to think quickly, pay attention and communicate appropriately with the environment. A child who goes to school without properly having breakfast, have difficulty concentrating, memory will fail, she or he will feel tired, nervous and even angry.

The most important

A good breakfast is necessary not only for children and adolescents, also for adults, older people and those who are dieting. It is important to note that diet is not starvation, but knowing how to choose nutritious foods low in saturated fat.

If you're doing a diet, your breakfast should have a value close to 300 calories. This is a valid value of all weight loss diets. It is accomplished by separating fruits for breakfast and snacks, thus avoiding anxiety or hunger.

What breakfast should contain


Without it the brain cannot function, so our breakfast should contain 140 grams of this substance, glucose can be replaced in our body by fat stores, but that is not really effective if you make a comparison.

Milk in general

It can be milk, yogurt, cheese, combined with cereals (biscuits, bread). Milk provides high biological value protein, more calcium, iron and zinc.

Juice and / or fruit

To provide vitamins that our body requires, they should be incorporated daily for proper functioning of the intestines and digestive organs.

In short, I recommend that your breakfast includes a dairy, fruit and cereal. Together they will give you enough to start the day.

Healthy breakfast

If you aren’t clear yet, we give you some examples. Before, remember that each person has different needs, for example, if you suffer from constipation do not forget to include more liquid fruit or whole grains that are rich in fiber. If you have diabetes, controll your blood sugar and fruit that are too sweet, also avoid jams.

Breakfast 1

  • 2 slices of light cheese
  • A cup of milk / yogurt / oats milk
  • A bowl of pineapple

Breakfast 2

  • 2 slices of bread
  • Coffee with milk / yogurt / oats
  • Bowl of strawberries

Breakfast 3

  • Cereals with milk
  • Natural juice
  • Coffee with milk / oats

Breakfast 4

  • A mini tuna sandwich
  • Coffee with milk
  • A pear

Breakfast 5

  • Coffee with milk
  • 2 slices of bread with light cheese and sliced tomato
  • An orange and 3 nuts

Breakfast 6

  • Cereals with milk
  • Whole tuna sandwich
  • A cup of oatmeal and milk with coffee,
  • A piece of fruit

Breakfast 7

  • A banana
  • Muesli (30 g) with yogurt
  • Coffee with milk

The most nutritious food

If you eat bread, try to consume whole bread, which has more fiber, is digested more slowly and give us the feeling of being full for a longer time. You can also choose to take yogurt and skim milk. Begin to give a special value to your breakfasts. Just like tells the saying "take breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar".

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2 Reviews about The perfect breakfast
on 16/02/2015
Wow! these are great options, and I'm so glad you laid out so many different ways to eat a healthy breakfast. I am very passioante about breakfast. I have experimented with several different ways of eating breakfast, and I have found that for me, a serving or two of fresh fruit, with some sort of nut is by far, the best breakfast for me.
on 06/12/2012
Interesting article, something it?s hard to think about what getting for breakfast or we don?t have enough time because work or school. We need to take the proper time, eat slowly and choose the right foods to consume in our breakfast, avoiding eating outside in stores or fast food companies.

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