The National Organic Agriculture Fair doubles the number of exhibitors Die National Organic Agriculture Messe verdoppelt die Zahl der Aussteller La Feria Nacional de Agricultura Ecológica duplica el número de expositores

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The National Organic Agriculture Fair doubles the number of exhibitors

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The National Organic Agriculture Fair doubles the number of exhibitors

More than 60 international distributors attend to Biocórdoba, the greatest exponent of the Andalusian and Spanish sector in potential production.

CEO of Organic Agriculture of Andalusia, Manuel Gonzalez de Molina, has performed in the capital of Cordoba the XII edition of Biocórdoba which opens this Thursday at the Pavilion CajaSur with the presence of 150 exhibitors, almost double than last year. Also at the hearing were representatives of the organizing committee Fair Francisco Pulido, president of the Córdoba Council, Juan Manuel Luque, president of Association of Companies of organic products from Andalusia (EPEA) and Francisco Casero, president of the Andalusia Association Committee of Organic Agriculture (CAAE).

At its twelfth edition, the National Fair of Organic Agriculture remains the only one dedicated exclusively to professionals, which has positioned itself as the first reference of the environmental trade fairs.

Addition to the increase in exhibitors this year, Biocórdoba premiered a host of 12,000 square meters and with the presence of more than 60 international distributors from United States, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Denmark, Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic, among other places. Also with the aim of establishing trade agreements, more than fifty national distribution chains go to the Fair, including El Corte Inglés, Alcampo, Carrefour, Makro or Day.

Large institutional backup

During the celebration of Biocórdoba, in addition to the activities aimed at business and other disclosures, it will be presented the new promotional campaign for organic food in the Agriculture and Fisheries, in line with those developed previously, intended highlight the benefits of organic livestock in terms of social, environmental and product quality.

Biocórdoba has also been the site chosen for the presentation of the Strategic Plan for Organic Agriculture of the European Union, reflecting the importance of the Fair in the Community framework. In fact, Spain is the second country in Europe in production, binding Andalusia 60 per cent of national acres certified.

Program provides Biocórdoba Awards: EcoRacimos and EcoTrama, national organic wine and oil, as well as the Award for most innovative product, which values research and innovation in food processing and marketing. Another activity on campus is the realization of Biocórdoba Cooking Shows, which are live cooking at the hands of renowned chefs such as Dario Barrio.

The new enclosure Biocórdoba also allows exhibitors to develop various activities for the professional sector and the general public. The fair will conduct tastings of products such as cheeses, wines and oils, ice cream tasting, organic or natural juices, as well as presentations of new products, conferences and round tables in which to discuss the industry.

As novelty of this edition, has designed a path of menus in restaurants in ecological Cordova, which will run from 24th until September 30th in the main restaurants in town.

Biocórdoba has a strong institutional and corporate governance and organization are involved in the Board of Andalusia, through the General Directorate of Organic Agriculture, the Córdoba Council; EPEA; CAAE and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

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2 Reviews about The National Organic Agriculture Fair doubles the number of exhibitors
on 30/09/2015
This is amazing, it's so refreshing to see that so much support and enthusiasm is really being sunk into events like this. I haven't seen anything like this in teh states that has so much of a drawing, but it's great to hear that somewhere around the world this is taking place.
on 08/11/2013
You cannot imagine how much I want to go to a fair like this one and try all the new things that the organic development have get to give us, and I would love to hear new advances in the science as well as conferences led by professionals, I would never lose something like that

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