The myth of the Banana and Fatness Der Mythos von der Banane und Übergewicht El mito del Plátano y la gordura

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The myth of the Banana and Fatness

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The myth of the Banana and Fatness

How often have we heard that eating bananas makes us fat and if we are on a diet to lose weight, it is better not to include it in the list. There are many people who say this, but the truth is that the bananas consumed in moderation won’t give us more calories as those that we get when you eat a donut, sausages or pasta with melted cheese.

Speaking simply, the banana provides approximately 90 calories per 100 grams, maybe if we compare it with other fruit such as apples, watermelon or papaya, its calories seem high, but we can feel satisfied with a piece of these fruits. It is normal to repeat apples, ask for more watermelon and papaya, but eat more than a banana at a time, is unlikely.

It satisfies, doesn’t makes us fat

The main feature is that by consuming bananas we are satisfied, and the best thing is that we are nourishing ourselves with potassium, phosphorus, some iron, beta carotene, B vitamins, especially folic acid, vitamin C, fiber and some vitamin E.

Bananas are also rich in carbohydrates, which are one of the best ways to nourish the natural energy in our bodies. They are therefore recommended for the diet of children, often requiring a food that can satisfy their hunger quickly. Likewise for athletes or anyone who needs a healthy "snack" at any time.

By eating bananas we are not providing our body fat, but rather for its richness of potassium we help the body's water balance, counteract sodium and favor the elimination of liquids so it’s even recommend for some people to remove weight.

The removal of sodium from the body, not only favor a balance in our weight, but it’s essential for the treatment of certain diseases such as hypertension, gout and rheumatic diseases. In turn, potassium favors a healthy heart and muscle, prevents muscle cramps and improves circulation.

Other benefits

Other beneficial components to detoxify the body are vitamins C and vitamin A. The banana is a fruit that has a wealth of both. Its richness in vitamin C, combined its phosphorus, is ideal for strengthening the mind. Eating bananas is very appropriate in older people to delay senility problems or in students to increase memory, especially during exam times.

For external us, according to popular tradition, bananas are suitable for removing warts. For this, you have to take out the inside part of banana skin and rub it on the wart a few times a week.

Take into account

If the banana has a green color is an indicator of high concentration of starch and less sugar, which consumed raw can fill us with flatulence and gas, it’s better cooking it. Bananas must be eaten raw when mature, better if they have some black spots without being abundant in the skin surface, which indicate that they are too mature.

When we buy this fruit, we shouldn’t keep it in the fridge because it loses flavor and becomes even rancid. It should be eaten once peeled because they spoil very quickly.

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2 Reviews about The myth of the Banana and Fatness
on 05/02/2015
Yeah, I actually don't believe any of those "myths" about "bad" fruits and vegetables. I think so long as mother nature gave it to us, eating it in proportion will never be a bad thing. What is bad, however, is processed food, either fried in oils, or packaged, or food created almost entirely in a factory.
on 30/11/2012
I actually thought that bananas can makes us gain more weight than other foods, someone told me that and I believed it. But I see that they are pretty healthy and that is obvious because natural food is always good. I?m going to try to include them in my diet more often.

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