The Ministry is promoting organic agriculture in Castilla y Leon Das Ministerium fördert die ökologische Landwirtschaft in Castilla El Ministerio promociona la Agricultura Ecológica en Castilla y León


The Ministry is promoting organic agriculture in Castilla y Leon

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The Ministry is promoting organic agriculture in Castilla y Leon

In 2006, Castilla y Leon had 12,639 hectares recorded in organic agriculture, and a total of 316 operators, who work in the field of organic production.

The consumption of products from organic agriculture in the domestic market still represents a small expenditure on food of the Spanish.

The Director of Agricultural and Food Industry MAPA, Almudena Rodriguez, today presented the national information campaign and promotion of organic agriculture, and the data of this sector in Castilla y Leon, in the Fair Ecocultura that is held in Zamora.

The campaign was developed under the slogan "Farming, Living" that is funded by the MAPA and the European Union, in equal parts and is designed to promote consumption of products from Organic Agriculture. Spain is the second country in Europe with the largest areas of organic production and is among the top ten of the world, although consumption of organic products among the Spaniards is still small.

According 2006, Castilla y Leon has 12,639 hectares of green area listed in farming, and a total of 316 players (5.3% over the previous year), which active in the field of organic production.

Almudena Rodriguez announced at a press conference the next day October 19th the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Elena Espinosa, will open the III Organic Agriculture week in a college of Galicia as the action star of this week is aimed at public school. Precisely for these future consumers has created a video game whose main character is a character called Ecoline, which can be downloaded from the website of the campaign, a site that will also provide information to adults about the qualities and the use of organic foods, along with details of all activities of the Campaign.

Between Monday 22nd and Sunday October 28th, activities will be organized in Asturias, Baleares, Castilla y Leon, Canary Islands, Madrid, Murcia, Extremadura and La Rioja. Various schools, hotels and restaurants are involved in the campaign, creating awareness and bringing the benefits of organic products to the general public. For example, restaurants such as the "Rincon de Antonio," in Zamora, will develop different ecological dishes.

The guide"25 reasons for living the Organic Agriculture" will be distributed and a Directory of Manufacturers, to bring and to inform society about the benefits of organic agriculture, as well as facilitating the distribution and the Horeca channel contacts necessary to include organic products in their menus.

According to statistical data in 2006, Spain has a land area of organic farm of over 900,000 hectares, which involves more than 19,000 operators. Although Spain is the European country with the largest area devoted to organic production, behind Italy, it is estimated that around 70% of the production of such products is exported mostly to Europe, in especially Germany, Holland, France and United Kingdom. The consumption of products from organic agriculture in the domestic market still represents a cut in spending power of the Spaniards.

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1 Reviews “The Ministry is promoting organic agriculture in Castilla y Leon”

on 22/10/2014
It seems like all around Spain, organic agriculture is being "promoted", but I would like to learn more information regarding its productivity and the tangible impacts it is having on food production, and overall health of the population. This is wonderful, and I wish the US paid more attention to organic agriculture as well.

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