The minister introduced the Organic Agriculture Campaign Die Ministerin führt die Kampagne für ökologischen Landbau La ministra presenta la campaña de Agricultura ecológica

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The minister introduced the Organic Agriculture Campaign

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The minister introduced the Organic Agriculture Campaign

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has also stressed that these products are produced in accordance with Community law and has the control and certification of public and private.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has today launched the campaign of information activities and promotion of organic products, which has stressed that these are two very important conditions: its differential quality and its contribution to maintenance of the environment. She also stressed the importance of consensus between the different economic and social policies to implement.

Elena Espinosa has emphasized that the organic products are backed by a European regulation, and are assured of control and certification of public and private bodies to verify that the processes and quality meet this rule must appear on the label of each package clearly the name or code of the body.

Furthermore, the Minister has indicated that in the past two years and half, there have been very important steps for the development of organic agriculture in such fundamental issues as protection of the term "bio", and the presence in specialized fairs, national and international.

Referring to the reason that makes this campaign, Elena Espinosa has indicated that various studies carried out by the MAPA on the reality of the internal market, have shown that the majority of consumers claims to have heard talk about the organic products, linking it to positive qualities but not related to any logo or seal identifying them.

Also they indicated that these are not consumed by ignorance, because they are not easily in the market and also for higher price. In addition, dealers who had raised issues in terms of supply and of course a good prognosis for future products.

In this regard, the Minister said that the campaign is aimed at a broad population, is addressed primarily to consumers but would also involve the producer, distributors, media, and the society in general.

It wants to strengthen in particular, has continued Elena Espinosa, the presence, identification and purchase in the shops by agreement, and points for discussion "with informational materials and managers of establishments and employees that are given specific training sessions, as well as the catering sector, schools, scientific community and producers.

We face a campaign of two years, concluded the minister, whose majority of shares will be concentrated in "weeks" of activity with large mass of information in television, newspapers and through the tools of everyday information society.

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1 Reviews about The minister introduced the Organic Agriculture Campaign
on 23/11/2015
This is really interesting. Here we see that a political organization is finally taking note of the importance of organics, and seemingly making an effort to make this more accessible to all. I know this article was written a while ago, so I would be interested in reading an update.

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