The MAPYA, SEAE and INTEREC agree to promote Organic Agriculture Die MAPYA, SEAE INTEREC fördern den ökologischen Landbau El MAPYA, SEAE e INTERECO acuerdan potenciar la Agricultura Ecológica


The MAPYA, SEAE and INTEREC agree to promote Organic Agriculture

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The MAPYA, SEAE and INTEREC agree to promote Organic Agriculture

The Secretary for Agriculture and Food, Josep Puxeu, today signed two cooperation agreements with the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture (SEAE) and INTEREC. The agreements, with a validity period of three years, aim to perform actions aimed at the development of organic agriculture.

The agreements establish the general bases for cooperation with the aim of spreading knowledge of organic production methods and their operators and consumers, and contribute to the training of operators.

The Ministry has signed an agreement with SEAE which commits them to develop programs and research activities in agriculture, while INTEREC try to harmonize the systems of control and certification of organic production.

Commitments that have been acquired are to increase the level of training in the sector, specifically those related to the inspection staff of the food chain of organic production.

It will also ensure improvement in the taking and processing of data on organic agriculture, as well as promoting and encouraging consumption of organic products among different key groups.

Other requirements of the Conventions are the dissemination of new eating habits throughout the country and the development of studies relevant to the organic sector.

In addition, each agreement contains a few specific sections. Thus, the SEAE signed paper adds the development and improvement of techniques for organic agriculture, and research and its dissemination. While the convention agreed with INTEREC seeks harmonization and strengthening of national control mechanisms.

INTEREC also will be discussed with the management of inputs used in agriculture, in particular the development of actions related to the development of technical references to use of fertilizers and plant protection in organic agriculture. Certification, approval and disclosure of the inputs used in this method of production.

Source: MAPYA

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