The many benefits of a Raw Diet Die vielen Vorteile einer Raw Diet Los muchos beneficios de una Dieta Crudivegana

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The many benefits of a Raw Diet

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The many benefits of a Raw Diet

If you've heard the term "raw food" or "raw vegan diet", it is a vegetarian diet based on eating fresh foods, as the nature offers us. They have all the nutritional vitality that man needs to develop his life.

Raw nutrition takes place in a green lifestyle which considers man as an integrated being able to see life as a whole. In this way food gets to us to be used as nature offers to us, without any cooking method.

This type of diet revolves around plant foods such as vegetables, fruits and seeds that germinate. More than just a diet, it is a way of looking at life differently.

Raw food vs. cooked food

Today there are many cooked foods, meats, and foods that have gone through all kinds of processes, which have lost most of their nutrients, and when ingested, produce certain toxins in our body.

Raw diet, instead, is low in calories and if properly balanced, it is a good source of proteins, enzymes, essential oils, vitamins, and a variety of minerals essential for life.

Benefits for the body

  • It's a more natural diet, free of additives that are often harmful to the body, so that food should be organic, free of pesticides and chemicals.
  • It is more natural for the body
  • It is detoxifying, because raw foods have great cleanser power
  • Helps promote good immune system and cure the cells, raising our defenses.
  • Regulates our body weight, especially if accompanied by physical activity.
  • It is useful against aging as it provides the body with enzymes and antioxidants capable of preventing cell wear and regenerate the body.
  • Avoid constipation, being a diet rich in fiber and water helps the digestive process and stimulates the production of beneficial bacterial flora.
  • Takes advantage of all the nutrients that unprocessed food provides, cooking often alter the nutritional properties of food.
  • Supports brain function and mind
  • Improvements in fertility, vision, hearing, as well as kidney function, digestive and respiratory system.
  • Improvements in sleep.
  • Promotes thinking and positive attitude and creativity.
  • It helps regulate blood cholesterol levels

Nutritional deficiencies

Vegetarian diets generally are accompanied by the warning of potential amino acid deficiencies; however, experts argue that a well-balanced raw vegan diet can provide the body of these nutrients. Since seed and vegetable germination transforms nonessential amino acids in essential, and a good combination of these, can provide a complete protein.

Note that the raw food diet may be deficient in vitamin B12. To get the proper dose of this vitamin, it is recommended seaweed, particularly spirulina and chlorella.

However, to ensure that your body is well nourished, we recommend regular medical examinations.

The benefits of a healthy living

Raw vegetable foods are filled with enzymes, which promotes good digestion, and therefore a better absorption of nutrients that provide us.

In a typical diet, there is a high intake of refined sugars, meat and dairy, in which the enzymes from plant foods, are wasted, not with the raw diet, enzymes maximize the nutritional value of food.

Following this raw food diet, digestion is easier for our bodies, so we will be more active and healthy.

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3 Reviews about The many benefits of a Raw Diet
on 08/08/2014
I totally agree that consuming fruits and vegetables raw is a great way to go, and definitely provides you with a great amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc. But I'm also fairly interested in Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient Indian practice of natural healing and well-being, and they note frequently that even more important than eating things raw, is eating things that are easy to digest, which in many cases means cooking (either slightly cooking, or cooking well-done), foods, so that their nutrients are more easily absorbed. Any thoughts?
on 27/03/2014
Sometimes I think that this is a matter of tastes and maybe we should not get in the business of others but maybe we should and well, let's just forge about it and instead think about what is better for your body, this way is easier to opt for the best option
on 26/04/2013
My sister told my about the raw food diet and I find it very interesting even though I do not know if I could handle without eating meat or cooked food, but I must find a way to be healthy and avoid some conditions that I might get if I do not take the proper care, so well, thanks for the information.

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