The importance of preferinf natural beauty products and cosmetics Die Bedeutung von natürlicher Kosmetik für die Schönheit La importancia de Elegir productos de Belleza y Cosméticos Naturales

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The importance of preferinf natural beauty products and cosmetics

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The importance of preferinf natural beauty products and cosmetics

Do you like making up? Do you like applying creams and lotions and so? Well now you have to take into account that cosmetics or creams and beauty products you use every day, and which are in contact with your skin most of the day, are actually products of quality and above all, natural as possible, i.e. which do not contain any chemicals and irritants to your skin and allow, among other things, adequate respiration of cells.

Artificial cosmetics

Allergies, irritation, rashes, burns and even hair loss are some of the reactions that a considerable number of women in the U.S., Spain, Mexico, etc suffered (approximately 60,000 women), owing to the use of cosmetics or beauty products and health staff produced with chemicals hazardous to health which, among other things, are also responsible for possible carcinogenic effects in the long term.

Many women save a little money tending to choose cosmetics or creams without considering the ingredients and elements from which the products are made. However, it is very important that you make an effort and consider carefully the makeup products you purchase so that your skin does not lose its health and early youth, and this definitely cosmetics and natural products win the Oscar.

Then we give a short guide to some harmful ingredients in beauty products you should avoid and which you must choose:

  • Coloring: must prefer natural colored, and avoid chemicals comoeel-dye E133 Brilliant Blue FCF, brilliant green BS-E142, the yellow/tartracina-E102, sunset yellow FCF-110 and red 33.
  • Also need to avoid products containing formaldehyde quatemium 15, glycol ethers, mercury and lead, methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl parabens, petrolatum, phenylenediamine (PPD) and toluene Falata. These ingredients, using them daily, can be harmful.
  • You should avoid preservatives: 2-bromo-2-nitropropan-1 ,3-diol (known as bronopol). BHA, BHT (butylated hidrotolueno) Imidazolinydyl, Urea Dyazolinydyl (derived from formaldehyde), DMDM Hydantoin.
  • Deodorant soap: pH 9 these soaps remove the protective acid mantle of the skin. Avoid those that contain ammonia, formaldehyde and phenol, as are carcinogens
  • Shampoo: Prevent the Cocama containing DEA and sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • Shaving Cream: Containing apinene, a chemical that impairs the immune system.
  • Antiperspirants not allow adequate breathing of the area where applicable.
  • Toothpaste: avoid containing saccharin and resorcinol, which can cause blood disorders, convulsions and even death. Avoid pastries and whitening dentifrices that erode tooth enamel.
  • Mouthwash avoid those containing phenol and ethanol, the latter is suspected of causing cancer of the esophagus.
  • Lacquers or hair fixatives containing polivinilpirrolidina PEG-40, which has dangerous levels of dioxin and propylene glycol. The studies have shown that the latter can alter brain waves and cause liver and kidney disorders.
  • Eye Shadow, avoid those containing iron oxide.
  • Eyeliners avoid those containing ascorbyl palmitate.
  • Mascara avoid lending and to have bacteria and those containing polivinilpirrolidina (PVP).
  • Lipstick: often contain paraffin, a mixture of petroleum hidrocaronos and some are contaminated with the carcinogen benzo-a-pyrene and benzo-b-fluroanteno.
  • Perfumes and fragrances: synthetic containing toluene and benzaldehyde.
  • Sunscreen avoid those containing the preservative and O Padimate BNPD.
  • Body Lotion: avoid because they contain mineral oil as petroleum pollutants include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PHAs), known as xeno-estrogens.
  • Talc: is very toxic if inhaled.
  • Wetting: avoid those containing phenol carbolic acid, which can cause paralysis, convulsions, coma and even death by respiratory failure.

Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics, if they are original and quality, are composed almost entirely of raw materials of plant or mineral, not animal. Natural cosmetics are based mainly on the use of plants, flowers, herbs and extracts. This type of cosmetics has a presentation, a color, texture and smell different to conventional cosmetics. Definitely, these are ideal for health in every sense, but here are some data about them:

  • As natural products, their lifetime is lower, since they are not preserved with chemicals.
  • They have a texture and color than those produced with chemicals.
  • Do not contain chemicals harmful to skin or health of the user.
  • They tend to be slightly more expensive due to its quality.
  • Many of those engaged in developing natural cosmetics are really worried about product quality and not the presentation, so do not add any chemicals to enhance their appearance.
  • To perfuming the product should not be used in any artificial flavors, even those eligible are identical to natural flavors, which come to contain 100% artificial materials.

Beauty products business

It is also important not to get carried away by all that they say in ads, magazines and advertising media. You have to remember that these big companies want to sell, want to cause sensation, and many of them operate on the basis of what is "marketable" and most are not interested in you if are allergic to or not after a while the uses.

The vast majority of its "miracle" that are now very fashionable, is the result of criteria from very small companies, who note that people say "I want a lotion that I remove wrinkles tomorrow" and then invent something convincing to satisfy that desirel.

You must know that a skin without wrinkles and the general condition of the skin is not created from one day to another, and any product that promises you it will be what you might be momentary, but soon there will be sequels. A beautiful and healthy skin is the result, above all, of good food and other habits such as cleaning, for example, and you have to keep in mind that whatever cream you use, your skin is filled mostly with what you eat and more than a nourishing cream and promises to be saying this and that, think first in the diet.

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2 Reviews about The importance of preferinf natural beauty products and cosmetics
on 23/09/2014
Wow. I LOVED this article! It was so information, and I am VERY interested in learning more about the chemicals contained in all of these products that we use every day, and never even pay any mind to what's in them. It doesn't make any sense. So I've been thinking about making my own products lately, and I got a new deodorant that is not antiperspirant, and that does not contain alluminum.
on 05/08/2013
Good to remember the importance of the natural products when we talk about the skin, we need to consider many things first as what type of skin you have and then it is so good to find such a complete list of the harmful products for the body, thank you very much for sharing this important information and I hope that the beauty companies change their way of selling.

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