The importance of stretching in sport Die Bedeutung von Streching im Sport La importancia de la elongación en el deporte

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The importance of stretching in sport

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The importance of stretching in sport

The stretching is one of the most common methods used to restore the muscular system work capacity, i.e. its flexibility and contractibility - and to ease tensions in ligaments, tendons and jointsThe stretching exercises brings a number of benefits that are not only limited to an improvement in general fitness, but also excellent for optimizing the ability to define and carry out the movement throughout its range, while contributing to the physical and mental relaxation, and internal communication between mind and body. As if this were not enough, significantly reduces the risk of injury muscle, tendon or ligament; decreases muscle tension, increases the production of chemical lubricant for the joints, decreasing the possibility of suffering from cramps, and reduces largely menstrual pain.

Learn how, when and why to stretch is vital for achieving excellent benefits, as when performing these exercises must be borne in mind that this is not a competition against our own physical limitations, and that their implementation should not come to feel pain, as this may be a synonym for injury.

The best time to elongate it, always, when the muscles are hot, which is usually after any aerobic activity or to have completed a fitness routine.

A curious fact is that the elongation is not one, but there are different types that can assist in, for example:

  • Dynamics: when is with the involved body parts (legs, arms, waist) are implemented to limit joint movement (rotation, circular motions, etc.).
  • Active: assume a position and is held without assistance, only the action of the agonist muscle, thus relaxing the antagonist.
  • Passive: adopting a position and maintains it with a body part (arms, hands) or with the help of an accessory.

If stretched and want to exercise it properly, then you must keep in mind that stretching should not be regarded as synonymous with entry into heat, but as a part of it, because by itself does not raise the temperature body. In this regard, it is important to clarify that it is desirable that the elongation activity is part of the entry into heat, as it is counterproductive because it does not work on coordination, elasticity and contractility of muscles, nor on the role of respiratory or cardiovascular, all prerequisites for a good entry into heat.

Please note that an improvement in flexibility, as well as other physical qualities, will be reflected in improved performance and a harmonious balance of the body.

Stretching before and after physical activity

The recommend stretching before and after each daily training . In the heat race is complemented with gentle stretching exercises and technique, increasing muscle temperature to provide the body a period of adjustment between rest and exercise, can reduce injuries and improve physical performance.

After completed the intense activity of the daily routine, we turn to the cooling stage. This is a career and some gentle stretching exercises to achieve a period of adjustment from rest to exercise greater flexibility, muscle relaxation and also helps eliminate waste products and reducing muscle soreness (fatigue, laces, ... .)

Each muscle attention

Back: Based on the soles of the feet, bending the knees and down the trunk. Duration 20 seconds.
Legs : (quadriceps) Seated one leg and the other with the trunk flexed vascular backwards. Duration 20 seconds with each leg.
Legs : (thighs or quadriceps) Sitting knees bent, with the vascular trunk backwards. Duration: 20 seconds.
Legs : (thighs - ankles) In this position, stretching the foot with hand, take the walk to the buttocks. Duration 20 seconds with each leg.
Legs : (Knee) rotation of knees from left to right and vice versa. Duration 20 seconds at a time. 15 seconds with each knee.
Legs : (Twins) in this position to bring the hip flexed leg. Duration 20 seconds with each leg.
Legs : (Twins) In support of this position the tip of the foot on the step up and down. Duration 20 seconds.
Legs : (adductor and groin area) In this position the knees down towards the ground. Duration 15 - 20 seconds.
Legs : (Back of thigh): In this position, bring your hips. Duration 20 seconds with each leg.
Legs : (twin) Sitting in this position, tension with your hands toward the trunk. Duration: 20 seconds with both legs simultaneously.
Legs : ( twins) In this position played with the feet and hands after raising the trunk. Duration 15 - 20 seconds approx.
Legs : (twin-) In this position, bring the trunk on the leg supported by the obstacle. Duration 20 - 25 seconds with each leg.
Legs : (twins) In this position the trunk on the lead leg. Duration 20 - 25 seconds with each leg.
Ankles : Sitting in this position, move the ankle in all directions. Duration 20 seconds with each leg.

Please note:

  • Start stretching the most rigid or strained to remove the less strained. Leads to a larger muscle.
  • Spend 10 to 30 seconds for each stretch.
  • Do not swings to increase flexibility. The muscles contract and stretch the limit if anything.
  • At full stretch, do not apply extreme force to achieve greater flexibility. You can cause a muscle tear.
  • Do not stretch if you've experienced muscle rupture.

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3 Reviews about The importance of stretching in sport
on 05/11/2014
I totally agree!!! yes yes yes, stretching is SOO important, especially if you're training for something! What happens to me is I train and my muscles grow, and if I avoid stretching the seem to get tighter adn tighter and tighter, until they just feel tense all the time! I even crave stretching after workout now.
on 30/05/2014
on 06/08/2013
Good article, the stretching is one of the most important parts of the exercise even though it is like smallest one as this permits you to recover from the tiredness and the damage that could happen in your bones when you practice a sport or exercise, keep this in mind always.

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