The importance of raw foods in the diet Die Bedeutung der rohen Lebensmittel in der Ernährung La importancia de los alimentos crudos en la dieta

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The importance of raw foods in the diet

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The importance of raw foods in the diet

Boiling, cooking, refining, storing, etc., are for some ways to provide a pleasant taste or consistency to the food and presentation. However, many know that boiling or performing the above with food is not very healthy because the food expose to excessive heat, it destroys many or almost all nutritional properties.

The food with more energy and force are the raw, or those who receive less heat at the time of its preparation. Living only for food stews, and cooked or fried meat, sausages and fries can actually be harmful to health because these foods do not contain that fresh energy, full of sun, water and land, raw foods that pose as vegetables, which provide a number of advantages for health, beauty and youth. Juices, salads and raw vegetables or cooked products with little heat are extraordinary because they give us energy and help remove toxins and wastes from the body, and abundantly nourish tissues and organs.

Building and combining raw food

To get the best raw food you need to know how you can properly absorb the nutrients from all food consumed. And for this we must know that all that processed or very cooked food severely hamper and undermine the vital functions of organisms. If we base our diet solely on refined foods such as bread and flour, processed sugars, fast food or fried, canned juices or soft drinks or refined, it will soon reflects in the body, especially in a damaged skin, an ugly hair and a battered general appearance and fallen sick. When we eat refined products regardless imbalance, our mood also is declining, we are angry, we're tired very quickly or drowsy or depressed. Many of the allergies, infections or diseases in general and obesity, intestinal problems or constipation, which are caused, as already known, for an exaggerated power consumption of processed foods, especially white sugar and sausage, foods that do not nourish at all the body, assisting the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the body and altering the balance of hormonal and nervous system.

If our skin looks smooth and clean so that hair and our eyes are full of life and beauty, and our mood is cheerful, energetic, creative and healthy, it is essential that each day supplies the body with minerals and vitamins, and try to avoid or balance the consumption of food cooked, canned or highly industrialized. Knowing that the quality of the land is no longer the same as before, many might think that eating a raw carrot or a lettuce is like eating something very low nutritional content. We believe that only the food that added vitamins and more will give us the necessary requirements. However, much is already known that at present as there are people and farmers who are dedicated exclusively to the care and quality of land, to plant to achieve a truly healthy and nutritious product. The organic food is an ideal choice for those who seek the fresh food and their highest properties.

In diet is essential ingest at least 4 servings of fruit a day and 6 or 7 vegetables. The sprouts are an excellent source of enzymes and chlorophyll, these should be included in the daily diet of some form, either in salads or fresh juices.

Combining food

Combining foods properly is always a great help to the digestive process, and that nutrient content in food should be utilized to the fullest. To get the most of raw foods, follow these tips:

  • Never mix fruit with other food: The fruits are eaten alone, separate, one hour or two before after any food. This may be so because the glucose or sugar in fruits, when mixed with other foods, causes the rot in the stomach, causing what is known as fermentation. Fermentation of food produces alcohol, and this amounts is as taking alcohol, without taking it. Combining fruits or sugary foods frequently with your meal mainly makes suffer your liver and your food that is digested may not maximized.
  • Therefore, avoid desserts, fruit, candy, soft drinks and juice at mealtime.
  • Citrus fruits are great in the morning, because purify the blood and tissues in general. Pineapple, orange, lemon, etc. as first food, are highly recommended.
  • Sweet fruits are ideal for evening. Remember to consume alone.
  • Always combine a cooked or processed product (which passes through some form of heating) with salad with a rich variety of plants.

If you are sick of anything, get more snacks that contain vegetables per day. For example, you can whip up a sandwich on wheat bread with cheese, tofu and vegetables, and then make a soup to taste with some vegetable juice, etc. The more serious your illness, you need removing more cookied food and replace with the raw.

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2 Reviews about The importance of raw foods in the diet
on 23/08/2015
I am a HUGE supporter of including more raw foods in the diet, and there are a lot of people that could really use this. I do think, however, that not all foods should be raw, as some foods are simply better absorbed when cooked. But raw fruits and vegetables are a great start!
on 29/09/2013
As always a good article and I am glad to read this, many people suffer from illness especially in the stomach and they think that they should not because the food they prepared is cooked very well to avoid the harmful substances, but they do not know this is bad too

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