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The importance of Exfoliating the skin

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The importance of Exfoliating the skin

Dry skin, spotty when you make up, opaque, with some irritation, low humidity, etc. are some of the symptoms that occur when there are dead cells in the skin. Natural regeneration of the skin takes about 28 days to complete. This phenomenon takes place spontaneously when you are young, where every 21 or 28 days, dead cells are derived from the upper layer of skin naturally.

Spontaneous body has the ability to restore diseased or dead cells with new cells in perfect condition. However, over time or when are going through a period of weakness, strain or fatigue, this renewal is slow, and as a result, skin loses its natural moisture and oxygen, say that is choking after not being able to remove all dead cells, and then the skin starts to wear off, wither, little lifeless and unable to absorb moisture, nutrients and oxygen to power properly.

It is very important that the dead cells fall completely to keep the skin healthy and visibly fresh and fine, unified in a soft, luminous color. And this requires exfoliate at least once a week, depending on the extent of the need to have the skin. The exfoliation is a supplement to the cleaning of the skin which is to give a gentle massage on the skin with a product or item that helps to remove dead skin cells.

Exfoliation process ensures an effective epidermal regeneration, and that completely eliminates the dead cells that remain attached in the surface layer of the skin, leaving it smooth and more permeable so that it can breathe and absorb nutrients and active ingredients of products and moisturizing creams and rejuvenation, and it allows the skin to breathe and stimulate cellular oxygenation.

Choosing a good Exfoliating option

Exfoliating products are essential to a particular age or particular situation. Both face as the body needs to be cleaved. So choosing a good exfoliating product must be done carefully. Currently on the market they sell many of them supplementing the cleaning of the skin. Some are very good and effective, more to choose any have to take into account several important aspects for example: that it does not irritate the skin, which are hypoallergenic, moisturizing and acting that are not greasy. The key is to exfoliate with the product and the proper frequency.

If you decide to buy a exfoliating, be sure to choose your skin type, and the granules that often the cream have in different sizes depending on the thickness and type of skin. For dry skin, for example, or sensitive and mixed, the granule size is usually normal or small, so as not "raise" the thin skin. On the other hand, for exfoliating oily skin with a heavier pellet, so you can make good effect in a more voluptuous skin.

Exfoliating Care at home

There are also exfoliating at home or you can do at home with natural ingredients and they turn out to be as effective as purchased. These are oats, sand, clay, clay with the masks, rice pasta, etc.

Applying an exfoliating

  • Moistening your skin is very important that prior to apply an exfoliating in your skin while wet. So it is advisable to exfoliate in the bath, when the warm water vapor favor of this process.
  • Apply in circular massage: very well to remove dead cells, it is necessary to give a gentle circular massage in the skin with exfoliating.
  • Remove the exfoliating only applying warm water until it is removed altogether.
  • When you finish your exfoliation, apply a tonic to your face.
  • Moisturizing Cream: upon completion, is an important nutrient cream or moisturizer to close the process successfully.

Exfoliate all your skin

Remember that not only is it important to exfoliate your face, but the skin around your body, because all skin requires special care for nutrition, good wetting and flow.

Benefits of exfoliation in the sea: if this spring you are going to the beach, do not hesitate and took the soft sand to get massages in your arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, and do not forget feet! If this is done within the sea water, increases dramatically the results that favor your skin, you'll like it very smooth and youthful, and that this sea-water bath and massage promotes circulation and highly nourishing the skin.

Clay: if you're not going to the sea, it does not matter, you can get a glove of horsehair or doing the same you used for exfoliating your face. You can apply a clay mask to the bath, close to the water and wait about five minutes to allow it to absorb the nutritional properties of the clay.

Oats, sand, rice pasta, etc.: These products are also very effective and simple to achieve. Only try the size of your skin in the same way that if you used an exfoliating with a little oatmeal, sand, etc.


If you've never exfoliate your skin or do not do it much, it is important that you begin to do this once a week during the first month. Then, reduce the frequency every two weeks. If you exfoliate very quickly, you risk that instead of your skin that is conducive to this, is irritating. Always remember to apply a moisturizing lotion to ensure a healthy and beautiful skin. If your skin tends to be dry or very sensitive, exfoliate less often, say once every three weeks. But this will suffice.

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3 Reviews about The importance of Exfoliating the skin
on 20/09/2014
This is something that I need to do a lot more of. I hardly ever exfoliate, which is to say...never! but I really need to get into the habit of it. My skin is much better now than when I was younger and had acne, but I still feel like there is so much more I could do for it. I still break out every once in a while. Thanks for the great information!
on 30/05/2014
looking at the picture makes me feel that exfoliating is something that hurts, but well, it is necessary and even though I have never tried, I must do it for once!
on 05/10/2013
I want to change my lotions made with chemical to enjoy the benefits of the nature and the recommendations in this article are just perfect to prepare good exfoliating mixtures to forget the chemical products for ever, so I am really glad for this

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