The Greens organizes an Organic Gastronomic Event Die Grünen organisieren ein Gastronomisches Treffen Los verdes organizan un encuentro gastronómico ecológico

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The Greens organizes an Organic Gastronomic Event

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The Greens organizes an Organic Gastronomic Event

It will be the first food reunion to be held in Malaga. Malaga Greens, members of the European Green Party -European Greens, organized for Monday morning, July 3rd, I Organic Gastronomic Fair in Malaga to defend local food culture, contribute to promoting responsible consumption and economic sectors such as the Organic Agriculture, Fair Trade and Sustainable Tourism.

The event brings a campaign to Malaga from the Green Group in the European Parliament, whose motto is "With the Greens, safe food," which has been developing this game for over a year in other EU countries. Entities collaborate in the organization of Malaga, as Cañadú Restaurant, Fair Trade Shop Soynatural, Environment and Sustainability Partnerships and Development, Al-Munia, Slow Food Consumption and Red Head.

The event is part of the "Green: the green alternative," which in the words of their Provincial Spokesperson, Angel Rodriguez, aims to "raise awareness of how our party wants to explore the path towards sustainability to preserve the future for our children and grandchildren to stand for a while as a social and ecological life in our cities and towns." Representative for the green, "the quality of food now widespread in our city is degraded by leaps and bounds over the lack of proportional response and inaction of the authorities whose duty it is to protect public health, the rights of consumers, the environment and agriculture and the rural." The purpose of this campaign of the Greens, according to his spokesman in Malaga, is closing knit social networks and contacts with consumers, health professionals, community education, food businesses, agricultural unions, environmental groups and public platforms to act in defense what we understand as sovereignty, security and food culture.


I Organic Gastronomic event will be held in the Vegetarian Restaurant Cañadú at 20:30 am and will take the format of a workshop that will begin with a dinner, it is imperative the prior reservation telephone, whose menu is composed exclusively of Fair Trade food and Organic Agriculture and Livestock. On the desktop will be informed of the route those products have followed from their cultivation and production to end at the table of diners. Finally, there will be a gathering at which participants, half a hundred persons in those organizations and others that share the goal of the act, discuss and provide insights and practical ideas about global issues and local food and its social economic and environmental. As summarized by Rodriguez, "it is about being conscious and action plan to sensitize the society that this stake takes much more than our health, our environment and economy of rural areas and that we must unite to demand the government to defend policy of support for agriculture and livestock production and the ecological nearby food control must be rigid, the promotion of Mediterranean food, fair trade and in aggregate for Sustainability. "

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