The green tea diet to lose weight and regain health Grüner Tee um Gewicht zu verlieren und gesund zu werden Dieta de te verde para bajar de peso y recobrar salud

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The green tea diet to lose weight and regain health

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The green tea diet to lose weight and regain health

One of the quickest ways to regain healthy, have appropriate weight and get healthy is through the diet of green tea, which is extremely easy to make, economical and doesn’t require great sacrifices. In addition, this diet will help to heal the body in a deep way. Losing weight is not just a matter of aesthetics but of health. When you have extra kilos it is likely that the liver is weak or has a premature deterioration process, also veins, heart and kidneys may be suffering from some conditions without noticing it. So, if you are overweight, do not think more, take early action to cure the overweight, you'll see how good you will feel after doing this diet.

Green tea is one of the teas with more properties than currently is recommended for cleansing diets as it is an excellent antioxidant (rejuvenating) and helps to lose weight. It has been used in China nearly 3,000 years ago because of its great contributions to health.

Among its many properties are:

  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Contains high doses of polyphenols which have anti-aging, antibiotic and anticancer properties.
  • In addition of being anti-cancer which slows the development of different cancers, it also helps slow the progression of some degenerative diseases.
  • Relieves headaches, and prevent heart and liver disease.
  • A restorative tonic and stimulating for the pancreas, liver and stomach.
  • Powerful debugger of intestinal blood, eliminates toxins, gases and harmful substances, as well as saturated fats in the intestine and impregnated blood.
  • Therefore, it is a perfect friend in the diets to lose weight and regain health in general. (See green tea diet).
  • A great drink to treat skin conditions such as dermatitis, the problem of aging, acne and skin damage.
  • It has interesting therapeutic effects.
  • It helps fight chronic fatigue.
  • Helps with colon problems.
  • The green tea polyphenols (catechins) are more potent to suppress free radicals than vitamins C or E.

What is the best way to benefit from green tea?

To take advantage of every tea, this should be taken after 20 minutes of eating, avoiding sweetened with white sugar which counteracts its effects as white sugar has no nutritional component and only becomes body fat.

How is green tea diet?

This diet consists in drinking three cups of green tea as follows:

First Cup: fasting, as hot as possible, squeeze the juice of a lemon.

Second cup: 20 minutes after eating, not sweetened with anything, and don’t eating anything after.

Third Cup: after dinner and before sleeping. Always have dinner an hour and a half before falling asleep for digestion to be made in advance and let you rest.

During this diet you should avoid these foods:

  • Refined bakery (replace with whole)
  • Sugar and refined products (substitute with honeyor molasses)
  • Red meat and poultry, try to eat only fish.
  • Junk food, fried sausages, beef and milk products such as cheese.

During the diet:

  • You should drink at least 2 liters of pure water.
  • Increase fresh vegetables in your day and try to adjust them to the diet that is proposed below.
  • If you get very hungry at first, try not to break the diet by eating the first thing you find. It’s better to have apples in your house, which help to purify intestines, stomach and blood and reduce fat in your body. It also calms down your anxiety for eating. Other appropriate fruit between meals are: grapes, oranges, pineapple and grapefruit.
  • Include 3 almonds or walnuts per day, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil daily, and vegetable milk instead of cow's milk.

How long should I do the diet?

It should be done until you see results.

How soon will I see results?

That depends. If you perform it to the letter, then you will see results faster. If you combine it with exercise routine (at least 20 minutes daily), will accelerate the results. If you combine with abundant fresh vegetables, you'll be surprised how quickly you lose weight.

And when I see results ... Can I eat again everything I want?

The best practice when you start to lose weight is to maintain a controlled diet, especially if you've been overweight a long time. So it is best that you avoid the foods mentioned above and adjust your diet to a healthy way of living, your liver, stomach and heart will thank you.

What if I don’t lose weight with diet?

You need to be patient. Many diets are broken because one wants to see results in the moment. Insist until you results, even though you do not notice, since the first day you do the diet, you're starting a powerful purifying process.

Proposal for a diet:

FASTING: warm cup of green tea with lemon juice squeezed and unsweetened. Do not eat anything for 30 minutes that follow so that the tea and lemon make the process of deep cleansing.

BREAKFAST: cup of oatmeal or soy milk with amaranth cereal, toast or bread with vegetables and vegetarian cheese. Do not eat fruit with meals, it is best to leave the fruit in case you get hungry between meals.

FOOD: choose a cooked dish and combine with a salad of mixed vegetables or vegetable juice. Do not drink any drink but a cup of warm water or vegetable juice. You must not eat any sugar or sweet at this time.

BETWEEN MEALS: after half an hour after eating, prepare a cup of green tea if you like add a few drops of lemon and drink.

DINNER: vegetarian sandwich or pizza, salad with tofu, soy milk cup with amaranth or oat, wheat bread with tomato and olive oil eye extra-virgin.

BEFORE SLEEP: A cup of hot green tea.

Make this diet soon and you will be surprised of the results.

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3 Reviews about The green tea diet to lose weight and regain health
on 17/03/2015
Green tea really does to wonders for the body. Not only does it have a lot of great components in it, but I really do feel like it suppresses appetite. That's why I usually drink a cup of green tea at night before I go to bed, because otherwise I generally get snacky at night. It's a good way to stave off cravings.
on 07/07/2014
how about using compresses of tea in the skin? could they help to regain beauty, -i have heard that some creams have green tea as ingredient
on 03/02/2013
A friend told me about this diet and she said the lost 3 pounds per week which is really amazing if you have some extra pounds. Well, maybe she?s lying to me but I won?t know until I try it for myself. I really hope it works because my mother wants to lose some weight too and I want to recommend her something.

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