The Organic Classroom of Agriculture runs several schools in Doñana The Green Room für Landwirtschaft besucht mehrere Schulen in Doñana El Aula de Agricultura Ecológica recorre varios colegios de Doñana


The Organic Classroom of Agriculture runs several schools in Doñana

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The Organic Classroom of Agriculture runs several schools in Doñana

ESO’s 2nd grade Students learn about the natural wealth of Doñana and the need to harmonize development practices with respect for the environment. 

Foundation Doñana 21, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment of Andalusia, has launched the "classroom of Organic Agriculture in Doñana” in eight secondary schools in the Shire of Doñana.

This program aims to bring students from 2nd year of ESO's rich natural environment of the park focusing on the need for a development compatible with conservation, quality of life and the people of the region.

Being agriculture and tourism the main economic engines of Doñana, organic agriculture is proposed as a production system to develop, for the benefits it brings to the health, environment and regional economy.

The AlcapaRed environmental services company has been responsible for the design and implementation of workshops, with the advice and the contents provided by Doñana 21, which are divided into two sections. The first one tries to explain the functioning of ecosystems in the Park and the impacts of human activities upon them through the game of Pyramid food. The second section examines the environmental, social and economic region of Doñana for different segments of the population: farmers/as, tourists, environmentalists and politicians as. It has designed a brochure as a "treasure map" looks at the most representative areas of the county identifying these values.

Video on organic agriculture in Doñana 

Under "classroom of organic agriculture" is scheduled to issue a video with pictures of the workshops and the regional resources, which also include the importance of this economic activity is in the county. If yesterday this program was developed to Aznalcázar (Sevilla), today was the turn of Almonte (Huelva), and tomorrow will be in the town of Huelva Moguer to finish the tour next November 24th in Bollillos Par del Condado (Huelva)

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2 Reviews “The Organic Classroom of Agriculture runs several schools in Doñana”

on 19/11/2015
I just love this!! I wish i had learned about organics when I was just a wee lass. This is something that schools are starting to integrate into curriculum, which is a wonderful idea. I also think we need to have a garden for each classroom, so kinds learn how things grow!
on 30/12/2013
So glad to see that the children are learning to change the world with classrooms in their own school, this is of major importance and maybe all the related to the organic should be a single class that all the kids should take, because the world needs people that believe in it

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