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The greatest gift: ask and you shall receive

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The greatest gift: ask and you shall receive

Would you like to get the best gifts of life? Do you want to heal your body, to have abundance and a life full of joy? Do you want to surround yourself with blessings this Christmas and every day of your life? ... And why not? Who said that you cannot get everything you want?

"Ask and you shall receive" is one of the most popular phrases by those who practice the law of thought, spirituality or advanced metaphysics. It's a phrase that contains a powerful teaching and great wisdom in it. With the words, we can understand the ease with which the universe operates and how to get things just asking.

But it is useless to say "Ask and you shall receive" if there is something in us that refuses to believe it. It is normal to feel resistance to the sentence, because somehow when we have not experienced something as a truth, the mind tends to reject or deny it. The belief is quite different than to know anything with certainty. I can believe that outside my house there is a horse, but if I don't go out and see it, then I will not know exactly if the horse is there or not, and I cannot be completely secure. If I don't verify by myself, then I will live only in conjectures and beliefs, and I will not have a profound certainty.

To know something, you must experience it. And to receive what we want, we should take the phrase to reality. Once we begin to see and attest that this is possible, then this knowledge will become a truth, and we will rely more on our creative power, and we will understand not only how this world full of grandeur and amazing things works, but how we work ourselves, because knowing us better, we entered the magical depths of our hearts.

How to ask?

One mystery is that the phrase contains the word "ask". I can lock me up and ask every day for something and see what happens over time. But if nothing happens, I will eventually lose faith and hope.

To ask, there is something we should understand before, that the giver of all I have is something Divine and Great. But I can choose I'm the one who gives me the things, which limits me. So if I want something great, I can't be the giver, because my creative limits have limits. If I want something greater for my life, a miracle, something extraordinary, then I need to recognize a greatest-giving presence.

I can choose what I want or wish for my life, but who has given me everything I have is a creative energy that lives in me. The creative energy is not separate from me, then I am that power which acts on all matters of reality. So, all you have to do to start getting what you ask is to let the creative power to act through you, let it to bring what I have chosen to create. You can say that is God acting through you.

However,letting God to act in you is not always well understood. Therefore, knowing how to ask requires practice and understanding. To let the Divine energy through you is necessary, above all, intention, to really want to learn to use the creative power, patience, participation and perseverance in practice.

The beginner of this practice may face many barriers or concerns, He/she will find that when is asking, there are many thoughts that obstruct the flow of God and the manifestation of what is required.

Thoughts that limit the expression

The mind is full of information and beliefs of all kinds, attitudes and skills that have been acquired through life, and are accepted as truth. For example, if I was taught it's hard to have what I want, that I have to work hard to earn money or go to the doctor to heal, then this belief or truth in me will be a limit when I'm asking. If you think it's normal to be sick, or you have to take pills to heal, if you think the world is in crisis (because that is what you see on the news), or that life is hard enough or you are not good to get what you want, then asking what you want will be overshadowed by all these thoughts.

Learn something: you only get what you deeply believe or admit as true.

And to change the truth, you need to learn to change your thinking.

Manifest what you want

Life is a creative challenge: it consist on learning to use our minds and thoughts every day to make them unlimited and fill us with joy. If we keep thinking in what we want to plant it in reality, no doubt sooner or later it will manifest. The time of manifestation depends on how much you are convinced that you want something. That's why miracles happen, because people that generate them do not doubt, they are really focused on their request, connecting deeply with what they want, and then they get it.

The Secret

So when you ask, you have to isolate the doubt from your thinking, and wrap the thought of what you want in your mind. Doing so, you decree it in present tense, as if you already have the thing, and thank in advance. Then you should act during the day as if you are going to find it at any time. If the doubt comes into your head, do not fight with it, just focus on what you want and be grateful that you have it. Gratitude is powerful, because it gives us the certainty that we are getting what we want.

When you discover the magic of thinking, you will definitely have more confidence in life and what you want, and you will realize that the best gift of all is knowledge, it opens the doors to our inner wisdom and power. With the knowledge, you do not lose anything, but you are able to win all.

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2 Reviews about The greatest gift: ask and you shall receive
on 23/02/2015
This is so true!! This is actually something that I'm focusing on in my life currently too...on focusing on WHERE you want to go (asking yourself for it, internally) and if you focus on where to go, and not where to will find your own creative path! I'm getting married this summer and my fiance and I are working on creating our lives together, so great article!
on 22/12/2012
Pretty good article, I have learned in my life that we have to flow with the energy of the planet and the one that is inside us as well, knowledge is something so important to grow as a person and more, you need it to get everything you want, and you shoul appreciate every small thing that comes to your life, especially if you really wanted to get it

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