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The game of wealth

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The game of wealth

How do child to be happy playing with a can of soda, in this neighborhood dirty, and besides, no shoes? I asked this question once a child. And he answered: "What?" and kept playing

How can you play without shoes, with rain and also without having eaten?

Enjoy an abundant life for the majority means a life out of any lack or limitation, a life where full health, economy and carefree fluid (enough money) and unconditional love.

Accomplish one or all of these benefits represents for many a point of worry or search continues, many people spend their lives paying for medications and doctors trying to heal, or looking for a stable economic position or spending life searching for the perfect partner or the relationship.

It seems that to achieve wealth in life there is a price many times higher, and that price, although many will say that they pay daily efforts, seeking and to working hard, you cannot give the results you expect, and it follows suffer lack and / or inadequacy, things do not change but it seems that more pressure, many times causing the decay mood and see one caught by despair, fear and confusion.

The game of Abundance

There are some things in the nature that enjoy unlimited abundance: the water of the oceans, the galaxy and its countless stars, the children's ideas, light and energy from the sun, the luck of the butterflies, the beauty of the flowers the peace of the moon, the health of the numbers, the space in the universe, the joy of babies, the grace of seeds, etc..

It might seem a bit daft or desperate thinking that this is easy, when you have to pay the rent and bills, or when you have a sore, or when walking around without a partner or the ideal relationship. What does the galaxy and its stars or the joy of children with limited situations, lacking or sometimes painful suffering?

Sometimes, the head should lose some of its conventional thinking and in the most difficult times, would have to be close to nature and filled with all kinds of wealth, and ask how it is that makes you to have it.

“How do child to be happy playing with a can of soda, in this neighborhood dirty, and besides, no shoes? I asked this question once a child. And he answered: "What?" and kept playing”

The problem is that when we ask these things, you have to lose a bit too conventional reasoning to hear the answer.

"And I said," What? "And kept playing."

And without losing the view of the can of soda and with one intention in the heart to touch the boat with his foot, also answered others who spoke to him from the outside: "What!" "I do not know!" "Right now no!”

 I thought that the child had not been heard me, or anyone else, and you never know the answer. And maybe the child did not hear me, right or anyone else. But the answer was obvious.

And I looked at all concerned about a long list of things to do, pay, settle, find, buy, sell, .... worried about the stormy "weather" of finance, complaining of "the rain of problems", "of poor health", "shortage of prospects for couples", locked in time of hurry, always something to do , as "missing" in life, mechanical ...

 "What? And kept playing. "

And then I wondered if it would be worth it assumes those simple things of life, like watching the sky (or the ceiling of the house) and get lost there for a while, or chat with a friend or child, or dream to create something new in life, you may see a window late to watch the sun, the moon or the neighboring bees ...

Where is the abundance and how to get there to enjoy the fullness of life?

The children became adults. And they learned to keep everything except "refresh their packaging."

"And he kept playing."

He continued playing in the rain, with insults and a bitter cold wind, without water, without food, two or three hours, maybe four or five, who knows, but continued to play, until everyone got tired and started to sit, and he was just kicking the can, and the others looked exhausted from the sidewalk, while the boat was still kicking, sweat the child seemed to fall from the sky in raindrops getting stronger, but still doing moves with bottle above the hungry, the time, the pain, the stormy weather ...

And while time passes and you go choosing how to live, there are beings like these that suddenly come and change your whole perspective, and this makes us see the day and enjoy the present moment and surrender of heart he has his magic, and that dream of doing something that can go over all his boldness has limitations, and that if one spends his days looking to have something to enjoy, then you can lose all the charm and abundance that has life, because if it is a gift, we should enjoy it with all your heart then you can receive all your gifts and mysteries.

Unlearned what you have taught us how to fight, to compete, to want to be "the best", to win more than the other, to be afraid to leave what we do not enjoy, to think that there is evil and that we must move away from the adventure and the unknown, most importantly unlearning judged to be free and loving, and that being comfortable is best to move in new ways and directions, not an easy task, true, that would knock a whole system of beliefs that have long we have limited ways to live with a false and happiness too shallow and fleeting.

However, to understand that at the ceiling and dreaming, and following his gaze to bees or butterflies, and placing the time what we really love, you can help us pay not only income but all we want is an experience which can only understand the most daring.

One day, some years later, I told myself, "When I grow up, I want to be like that child."

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3 Reviews about The game of wealth
on 19/03/2015
There's a lot of people out there concerned with money, making money, and essentially playing games with it. I want no part in it. Personally I think everything should be on a "use" economy, which is to say...making the things you needs with raw materials, or working in cooperation with other idividuals to carry out big projects.
on 28/02/2013
Hey, nice tips to have a young and healthy face, I actually haven?t heard about facial yoga but it seems like an amazing therapy that can be done anywhere and at anytime, so I?m going to practice it for sure! I hope to see results soon and feel my face more relaxed
on 28/02/2013
This is one of the best articles I've read, I loved the final phrase that says:
"One day, some years later, I told myself," When I grow up, I want to be like that child. "

Simple things make the world beautiful, money and prejudices do not let us be happy, the point is to be happy with what you have and enjoy it.

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