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The Chakras and the health

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The Chakras and the health

The chakras are light wheels that rotate in the etheric body and act as transmitters of energy. Are about more than 80 thousand small chakras that are distributed throughout the body, plus the main seven are known, and are distributed along the spinal column.

The chakras are openings through a center of which (and certain rotary movements) absorb the energy around us and headed for our body through the energy channels (nadis).

The nadis are avenues of energy within us which establish contact between chakras and different parts of our body as the organs, glands, tissues and all cells of our body. The nadis and chakras are energy network or movement of energy through the body.

The chakras are powerful influence in whatever we are. Directly affect all systems, including the endocrine system (glands of internal secretion as the thyroid, pineal, etc.) that influence our body functions, mental balance and emotional completeness. 

The chakras can be rotated at speed, this is what determines the level of vibration of each individual. The level of vibration of the affected chakras is due to the vibrational frequencies emitted by thoughts, emotions and the general attitude to life of every individual. Depending on the frequencies of chakras, can be constructive or are discordant in every person. 

Each chakra has a specific and dual role in the body. For example, the root chakra (first chakra), located in the perineum, is directly related to our more primitive contact with the world (instincts). The second chakra, located at the height of the sacral bone, is related to sexuality and creativity, while the third chakra, located at the height of the solar plexus, is to do with our power and emotional force. The chakras fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh, are related to spiritual aspects in humans, for example, the heart chakra, located at the chest and chakra located at the height of the throat are associated with love and communication and expression, respectively. The vision of chakra, which we can place between eyebrows and the crown chakra located in the middle of the head, have to do with our vision and our cognitive feelings.

Expression of life is a process that flows from top to bottom, running from its source to the event and returns to its source with an enriched experience, gained in this creative movement, and gives a new consciousness openness and power of expression.

The degree of development of each chakra depends on our conscience, our physical and our mental-emotional state. A chakra, for example, can grow more than others, so that we can say that this has a higher vibration to the rest and can absorb more light energy, and conditioning with this flow of light energy that flows through the body through the nadis.

For example, if a person has recently developed the the throat chakra, the channel energy may be somewhat blocked. On the throat chakra is related to the expression of what we think and feel deeply, therefore, when we do not know how to express in a creative and loving way what happens to us when we do not know how to say or ask what we need, etc. then this channel is suffering, and felt this as a problem in blocking the throat. People who have problems in this area of the neck and throat are usually people who have difficulties to talk and say what they feel and think, or to ask what they want.

In the same way happens with the heart chakra , which is the center of love, understanding and giving. When we are too closed to allow or exteriorize love, when we live in an area close to us or live in a simple manner and with joy and satisfaction in exchange for material rewards or social status, this chakra is concerned. If this way of life is common, if our attitude cannot find how to generate confidence in the love circle in our lives, then the blockage in this area with no doubt will happen physically, and then feel chest pains, circulatory problems or difficulties in blood, as well as the emotional possibilities are limited, the individual will have little sympathy and charm, you'll receive a lot and give affection or love.

Many alternative medicines such as reiki are a reference point for healing the chakras. The practice of the chakras for healing of diseases requires a thorough study and understanding.

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3 Reviews about The Chakras and the health
on 25/09/2015
What great information on chakras and their connection to health. I am very interested, if not nearly obsessed, with learning about ayurvedic health and healing, and seeing as how yoga is part of this health program, the chakras too are very important in healing and maintaining health.
on 01/06/2014
could you recommend a book that explains the topic of the chakras in a very good way? I want to learn about it...
on 28/10/2013
I do not know if this is true but sound real to me, I mean, we are not made only of flesh and bones, there is a great energy circulating through or whole body and reaching every small cell, and this is related with the chakras and how we use them

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