The European Commission cut the new European bio logo Die Europäische Kommission entzieht das neue europäische Bio-Logo La Comisión Europea retira el nuevo logo bio europeo

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The European Commission cut the new European bio logo

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The European Commission cut the new European bio logo

The proposed European logo for organic food has been rejected and will have to start over the selection process of the logo. The European Commission proposes that the entry into force of the mandatory use of the new logo should be deferred until 2010. The binding of the new logo for organic foods in the EU, should be launched on January 1 2009 will be postponed for a year.

According to the statements of Michael Mann, European Commission, "The European Commission is fully committed to promoting and encouraging the organic food sector EU . As part of this process is planned program, funded by the EU, to promote organic foods and the development of a new European logo to identify them. The Commission has decided to launch a promotional program this summer. "

"Within this program we plan to launch a competition, open to all European citizens, to design the new logo you will need to replace the proposed logo that has been circulated recently," he added. Order to have sufficient time to select an appropriate logo, the Commission asked the Council to delay a year, the date on which the logo is entirely European mandatory use.

The reason for the withdrawal of the proposed logo has been for the German supermarket chain Aldi, whose flagship product "white" is almost equal to the ecological previously proposed pre-approved by the EU.

"Aldi contacted the Commission to show the great similarity between the proposed new EU logo and its own private logo," according to Michael Mann. This similarity between the two logos was raised by an association of organic farmers at the last meeting of the Consultative Group on Organic Farming to the Commission.

To have enough time to make the whole process (from the public until the selection of the new logo), the Commission will request the Council to delay a year (for 2010) the date for the new logo is compulsory .

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2 Reviews about The European Commission cut the new European bio logo
on 31/08/2015
That's so cool that they're opening up this whole design process to all citizens of the EU. That's really what needs to be done, becuase even by receiving submissions from all over the EU, the deciding commitee will get a good understanding of what recurring themes are important to every country involved.
on 06/10/2013
It is very important to have a nice logo that represents all the products that are characterized being of the same family and properties, as is the organic food, it is very important to consider that the logo is like the symbol or the movement and it has to be pretty nice to motivate people to enjoy organic food

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