The EU will promote Organic Agriculture with the ENDURO Project Die EU fördert den ökologischen Landbau mit dem Projekt Enduro La UE potenciará los cultivos ecológicos con el proyecto Endure


The EU will promote Organic Agriculture with the ENDURO Project

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The EU will promote Organic Agriculture with the ENDURO Project

ENDURO project ("European Network for the sustainable use of crop protection strategies"), funded by the EU, was launched recently and aims to design strategies to protect crops that are environmentally sustainable and viable from the economic point of view.

This project brings together 130 researchers from 18 European organizations in a network of excellence that covers such diverse disciplines as agronomy, genetics, ecology, economics and sociology. This project, in four years' duration, has been funded with 11,200,000 euros in the subject area 'quality and safety "of the Sixth Framework Program.

"ENDURO The project brings together the skills and knowledge available in Europe and its goal is to become a world leader in the development and implementation of sustainable strategies for control," explains project coordinator Pierre Ricci, the National Institute of Agronomic Research of France. "We aim to become the main reference point in Europe with regard to crop protection, not only for those in the industry but also for those who make policy decisions."

During its course, the project partners will study the biology of pathogens, insect pests and weeds, as well as the creation of resistant crop types, sustainable use of biological control, diversification of space agricultural ecosystems, management of invasive species and integrated control of weeds.

Partners will focus in particular on the creation of innovative systems of protection for plants. In addition to analyzing their agronomic efficacy, environmental impact and economic factors, the researchers evaluated these systems based on the consumer's point of view, marketing strategies and regulatory policies.

The project consortium is planning to establish close links between the scientific, industrial, and agricultural policies, and other stakeholders, to promote dialogue between these groups on issues that have emerged through this project and ensure that the solutions that in the project can be implemented.

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2 Reviews about The EU will promote Organic Agriculture with the ENDURO Project
on 22/10/2014
Interesting. that's so great that the entire EU is joining together (well...I guess that's what the entire union is for...) to promote such a wonderful thing as organic agriculture for all of its members. I wonder how the individual farmers are affected by this, because it really is they who are the core of all of this.
on 01/12/2013
Very important to know, the conferences and projects that help the planet are always welcomed and should be followed by more countries and cities to implement new ideas of production through the whole world. Keep informing the people about the importance of this!

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