The EU encourages Bio investment Die EU fördert Bio Investitionen La UE fomenta la inversion Bio

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The EU encourages Bio investment

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The EU encourages Bio investment

Within the Seventh Framework Program for Research in the EU, research projects on organic agriculture are also promoted.

This is one of the cooperation between partners from at least three EU member states, or countries associated with the Framework Program.

For call in progress (the delivery date 2.5.2007), the issues will be “the costs of different systems of certification and standardization of food and organic agriculture and “agriculture of tomorrow".

Until 11.9.2007, you may deliver "Improving animal health, product quality and performance of low-input systems of animal production” topic applications.

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1 Reviews about The EU encourages Bio investment
on 22/10/2014
So this means that the EU is encouraging monetary investment in organic agriculture? That's really great to hear. I have only been to Europe once, and I visited London and the surrounding areas. I was a little sad to see how hard it was to find good, fresh produce. But that was in 2004, and I bet things have changed since then

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